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Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Eve Dinner

Hello, how was your Christmas ? I think it should be great to you right. 
This year we celebrate our Christmas eve dinner at Spasso Milano @ Strait Quay

Seriously this is the uncertainty plan because we didn't booked any restaurant to celebrate because we need to save money for our Taiwan trip next week.

But my bf suddenly changed his mind said Christmas must go out to eat some nice food . 

We went to strait quay to hunt for nice restaurant unfortunately all restaurants were fulled. Spasso Milano was the only choice :)
I'm still remember I was celebrated my 21 birthday at Spasso Milano too but it was the KL branch.

*Spasso Milano at Strait Quay is pork free 


Smoked duck breast 

The duck breast was very soft and chewy . The duck breast is very flavouring but I can;t spot the seasoning on top also.

The pinkish duck breasts are very drooling XD

Soup will be my best choice :)
Wild mushroom soup with truffle oil.

The truffle oil is used to impart the flavor and aroma of truffles to a dish. The truffle oil has a very strong aroma even just a few drops .

But I have no idea why need to add truffle oil on it. After that I went back and google and found this quote :)

"Like adding truffle oil made one's food more luxurious!  Whatever!"

My bf main dish -Pizza
I forget what the name ==''

Because I don't like pizza ! I hate all bread things.

Carbohydrate makes me Fat !!

But the cheese is very annoying >< Make me want to have a bite on it 

Simple Aglio Olio

Although it was a very plain Aglio Olio however it tastes very good. I have no idea why people can make Aglio Olio so amazing!!

Thank bf for this candid shoot :)
I was like want to put the tissue paper to my mouth and swallow it ==''

We walked around Strait Quay with the blowing sea breeze .

I'm start pointing to the boats and making jokes with my bf when we can have a chance to celebrate on our private boat then we no need to book any restaurant to celebrate already ;p

Who know his answer was quite surprised me ,hahahhah XD

Anyways this year I didn't prepare any Christmas gift for him just treat him this Christmas Eve dinner :)

Hope you enjoy it ,love ya

Simple #OOTD
Sponsored inspired YSl messanger from BxxB couture. 
There are alot of beautiful items are sell there with affordable price :)

Last but not least, we went to Gurney Paragon "Miam Miam " to try the dessert since I saw many people check in and highly recommend their signature dessert :)

Tadaa!!! It was just like a french toast =='' nothing special

After you is nicer and better !!!!!!!
I miss it 


Yogurt ice cream with mixed fruit :)


  1. Wah so much of food !!! I miss the toast from After you too !!! it was so thick and fluffy... *drooling thinking of it*

  2. the last photo yoghurt ice-cream makes me drool! =D

    Heaven Knows


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