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Monday, January 13, 2014

My daily Makeup

Today my post is about my daily makeup...
Hmm sounds incorrect because I'm not everyday makeup.. When I work I didn't put on my makeup because I think that sleep is more important than makeup... Do you think so? I'm very respect to those OL were makeup very nice everyday. Even put on false eyelashes .. I'm very noob in putting on false eyelashes.

My daily makeup is very simple, just a few steps can finished a flawless look.

Let's see what makeup stuffs I need:


100%pure tinted moisturizer
This moisturizer is fully organic and no chemical contains so that it cannot harms my skin so I can replace it without using my foundation.Especially I have a sensitive and light skin. I‘m using Creme colour. 

It contains high moisture content. After I applied my skin instanstly become shiny and natural glowing.
I'm using porcelain colour. You may try and purchase here. *trust me if you really want a korean skin and a natural glowing skin.

100%pure blushes

The casing is very girlish and pretty. I'm using the FRUIT PIGMENTED STRAWBERRY BLUSH 
I have a very fair skin tone and I have anaemia . So I always look like a patient or a ghost if I didn't put on blushes.
I like those natural redness glowing from my face . Sometimes I applied it very obviously to create a cuteness Japanese look.Usually I applied the blushes just below my eye and the highest part of cheekbone.
You may find more detail about this blushes here.


For my eye makeup it depends on my mood for the day. Normally I will just put on eyebrow only but if needs to attend event I will put on eyeliner that all. I'm often using Mascara because I don't want my baby lashes get harm >< I will just used that for photoshooting. I'm more prefer to innocent looks eyeliner drawing than cat eyes because if you notice my eye corner is more upward I don't want to look very fierce ==''

Eyebrow - Miss Hana eyebrow pencil 
Eyeliner- Miss Hana shiny brown or Kissme Liquid Eyeliner(black)
I'm prefer natural looks so I will prefer brown colour 🌸


I'm using 100%Pure Lip Glaze, I'm in love with this light pink lip glaze and the colour is from the pigmentation of fruit (natural) so I can eat my lipgloss/lipstick when I'm eating hahahahah.
Lip is very important to me. Different colour of lip will performs different makeup looks.
I'm using 100%pure lipgloss and lipstick to create a trendy ombre lip.
 But I will put on a concealer and lipbalm to make the colour more obviously and outstanding.
Normally I will put a layer of Lipgloss in the middle of my mouth to create more sexy lip and the colour is usually more intense or darker than the lipstick. I'm using LIP GLOSS SHEER CHERRY *pink red.

That all for my daily makeup
Hope you will like it.

If you have interested with all the fruit pigmentation cosmetic.
Just mention "100PUREAUDREY2014 "  to have RM20 voucher  and a free Pure handbutter cream (Free shipping& sample) with minimum purchase RM299.


  1. Look very pretty and natural. Love how you edit your pictures, mind sharing which app you used? x

  2. Dear queen bubu
    Thank for liking my post I'm using 美图秀秀 for editing those pics ❤️Kindly follow my blog ya

  3. Hello there, Audrey! :D I also love 100% Pure make up products! They are safe, but they have gorgeous quality! :))
    I love your blog, by the way! ;)


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