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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Opus Bistro @ Jalan Bangkung Bangsar -❤ 22th Birthday ❤

Bello!! I'm just passed my 22th birthday last week. Erghhhh.... I'm no longer 21 years old . I feels like myself kinda old and when I hang out I saw many young girl. I'm super jelly them and look at myself . Why I'm so old!!! I wish to be every year 18 years old *bo bo chui*
Anyways Life is a jerk , still counting on . This year my bf make a reservation at Opus Bistro to celebrate my birthday dinner. He used to do many research and found it which it has a very good reputation and review from other blogs.
I'm so touched that he actually putting effort because usually I'm the one who do the research where to eat ❤

During that day, he wake up early fetch me to work and back.So lovely that got people sent me to work .I hate to drive alone and jam alone. 

After finished work, Me quickly doll up myself ;) and can't wait to celebrate my birthday .

Opus bistro is actually an italian cuisine restaurant. It is the Top 20 restaurant in Malaysia.The environment is so romantic and awesome with some jazz music singing around .Owh romantic and sweet. 

The appetizers

Mixed mushroom- enoki , portobello mushroom, button mushroom 
 The fungi playing around with the herb . It is so juicy and the aroma of the mushroom is very strong .It keep the most original flavour of the mushroom.

Simple yet awesome. 
Om nom nom ~~~~💗

2nd- Fresh Clams

My favourite clam The clam is superly fresh and juicy . It doesn't have any fishy smell . Ocean smell is come out from the clams.Highly recommend to people who love seafood!!!

When mentioned about Italian cuisine. Bread with vinegar & olive oil is a must right? The bread is soft and warm. The air is actually diffused inside the bread and make the bread fluffy. 

Main course- Aglio Olio smoked duck 
Nothing surprise me, just a normal aglio olio. But the smoked duck is finger licking good👍

2nd - Grilled cod fish with lemon sauce.
I like to eat cod fish very much. Accept salmon . Cod fish is my another choice. Sorry, I'm just eat this two type of fish.
The surface of the cod fish is very crispy and the fat of the cod fish is very rich matched well with the sour creamy lemon sauce. Awesome

We've ordered a white wine to match with our main course.

The white wine that  we ordered is  Vino Cono Sur-Tocornal Sauvignon Blanc( Chile) 2009
The alcohol is very strong is nearly 15%
For those who not alcoholic you can choose to have champagne as well. 

My bf like to capture all my natural look even eating he also want to capture and won't missed out!

Who know that day is my birthday , he also don't care .Lol

Dessert???? I'm usually can't finish my meal without dessert right?

But that day ,I want save my stomach for my birthday cake ❤
My make up of the day #motd
Sakura pink make up tutorial visit here
My beloved bf , he also dressed up so nicely like a prince .
Look!!!! What a coincidence!!!
See who is she. I met 黄翠玲 at that restaurant. This can prove that the restaurant is good enough even popular dj also come along for dinner.

How lucky am I???❤
Alrights , thanks to my bf who put so many effort to held this celebration. He very scare me will not satisfied . Because so hard to find the food I think is good.
I'm a very selective person.

Thanks babe. Love you ❤

My birthday cake is my adorable Hello kitty!scream # kitty
It is too cute that I can't even want to cut it and eat it😔 I asked my bf who don't you buy me a pig head cake as he always called me pig . He said yahor snd promise me next time! So stay tuned my next year celebration or I buy him a pig head cake first since he birthday is coming soon. 

Present? He didn't buy me present because I want to choose myself and I'm still thinking what to buy. Any suggestion???

Opus bistro address : * remember to make a reservation*

67, Jalan Bangkung, Bukit Bandaraya,
Bangsar, 59100 Kuala Lumpur


  1. The food looks nice, and both of you so romantic hehe. Audrey you look super demure and gorgeous~
    Hehe what a nice celebration!! :)

  2. To Chiqess
    thanks babe for celebration my birthday too<3 will be updated on my next post <3

  3. aaww Happy Belated Birthday Audrey!

  4. A very SWEET, SIMPLE and MEANINGFUL birthday celebration :))

  5. happy belated birthday! haha and so good u got chuiling celebrate for u too. =p

  6. Hello Kitty cake! :DDDD Btw, I like your sakura pink make up, natural and pretty. You have big eyes too (:

    1. To Hilda Milda
      Yes I love kitty as well... Thanks you appreciate your lovely comment <3
      kindly follow my blog for new updated
      Have a nice day ahead

  7. Happy belated birthday dear! :)
    Look so pretty in the picture and keep young pretty always <3333


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