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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Why Not? Bodycon Dress

Bodycon dress dress normally will brings out an idea who is the girl who wear this type of dress must be very confident and feeling proud with her curvy body figure.
Just to let you know that bodycon dresses are known for its tight style which hugs onto your curves and reveals your body figure.

I have myself a midi bodycon from Topshop but I'm not that kind of feminine person so I match it with a loafer ;)

However, not every women think that bodycon dress can be into different style other than sexy or feminine.

Bodycon dress can be very young, funky and street style.

You can try to accessorize your look perfectly to expose a fabulous outfit. Match it with a pair of cool boots or sneaker to look more swag :)

Otherwise, you can match it with some outer wear and make it more casual .

If you prefer to be more casual, bring out your white canvas shoe ,it definitely will looks great and comfortable on you .

Select colours such as black, navy blue, dark grey or even dark purple to compliment your body figure and show it off with confidence. 

If you want to be fabulous or sexy, high heel is always the best choice .It will helps you to to elongate your silhouette and make your legs look fantastic and make your body ratio as nice as barbie doll.

Seriously every women wardrobe must have at least one piece of bodycon dress .

If you are wondering where to get fabulous pieces of bodycon dresses, try checking out ZALORA as they offer amazing designs for women online.  

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  1. a nice body con dress is definitely a must have in every wardrobe!


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