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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Mr & Ms Cafe @ Ara Damansara, Oasis Square

Today I want to blog about this unique cafe which is located at Ara Damansara @OASIS SQUARE. There are slowly developing into a more hectic and happening place . I am actually pay a visit a couple of weeks ago, unfortunately the whole street restaurant have no electricity supply. Therefore, I'm quite upset and  went back home :( because I woke up and get prepared in the early morning .

I get to know about this cafe from instagram. Instagram definitely is a good app which you can find awesome place to chilling and nice food to eat. People like to upload delicious food which make me drooling always when I 'm lying on my bed and prepare to sleep . Food picture always make me super hungry in the midnight ><

As usual, the environment pictures will be showing first. I like their cafe concept is very simple and there even has a platform which sofa and magazine provided. I think I should brings my gf come and high tea.
Around 12 something, there already full of crowd . You guys must come early .There provided breakfast and brunch until 5pm daily except monday.
*If not mistaken, dinner will be served start from 1st of July 2013.

#The menu
It is stated clearly from appetizers, main course until dessert. All ingredients they used also listed down so you many not confused what you ate and easy for us to blog too.

The tea boxes are arranged nicely. But don't know why I felt like it is looks like periodic table. Okay stop mention about chemistry. Ahem, you're graduated !!

Dessert corner, this time I am not able to try their dessert because my stomach was bloated that time. But the decoration and the topping for the cakes is very interesting beside the  normal strawberries, you also can see there is popcorns and petals.
Popcorn on choco cake ? sound weird? But my bf very interested with it LOL. He had a nightmare with popcorn too because of toothache he is suffering a very intense toothache and causes seriously headache at the midnight.
If you're following my instagram, you will know that there is one night me stuck at emergency room at 4am.

Finally, Mr &Ms signature tools pop out. Here is the tools that provide to customer to cam whore lol....

Yes, self loving picture is going to burst you pc screen .

Tadaa, food pictures coming now.
 Bf ----->  Big breakfast  RM21.90
super big portion !!!!!
Pouched egg, sausage, hash brown, beef bacon, baked tomatoes ,grilled mushroom,  red beans 

Mine one is portobello mushroom with egg benedict and toast . I am a fungus lover, portobello mushroom is super awesome you know and it is freaking expensive. It costs about 15 bucks per pieces.
They served a row of grapes too, I have no idea why they do so and I hate grape with seed .

The epic picture!!! egg yolk eluted out smootly and it looks super shiny . NOM NOM NOM


B-G-3A, Block B, Oasis Ara Damansara, Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03-7859-6665

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  1. the breakfast look so awesome~~will try it soon!

  2. To : Lee jay

    ya, is delicious . thanks for the comment :) have a nice day

  3. Love the ambience there! Food looks good too :D

  4. To Yuh Jiun

    I love it too :) food is not bad too ya but me haven't try their dessert yet :0

  5. Love the breakfast set! :P Been to Oasis Square once, but I try Bad Boy Cooks Real Food (:

  6. To Hilda Milda
    I tried Bad Boy Cooks Real too, but their food and service for me is not that good :(
    Mr&Ms cafe breakfast set is huge portion babe :)
    Thanks for your comment have a nice day :)

  7. cuteee! sumore got that thing for you to take photos!

  8. To Henry tan
    yaya is good to play around with it

  9. is it halal restaurant?


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