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Friday, June 21, 2013

Buka Puasa Buffet @ Concorde Hotel, KL

First and foremost, I would like to thank Nuffnang and Concorde Hotel, KL for exclusive invitation for me to do a food review. This review is going to be a little bit difference with what I usually blog. This is the first time I used to blog a buffet . I am really seldom to pay a visit for buffet style because me always can't really take in too much of food and I think for me the food I had taken is not worth with what I paid.
Me meet with Sharon and Hweii Chiee babe at LRT station and went together. Actually this is our first time went there , hahaha. Its actually just located beside Hardrock cafe. 
We reach there super early. Anyways the first things we do is take out our camera and starting our job.
*take the most sassy side of the food*

 The ambience at there is really nice and relaxing. It looks like we are attending our friends wedding .It is just so glamorous and the decoration is full with authentic Indonesia style .Opss forget to mention about it, there are some of the wellknown Indonesian chefs , Ibu Dewi, Nia and Nahendra who purposely came and cook and prepare those awesome dishes.
* The food promotion at Melting Pot Cafe and Concorde Ballroom is on July 10-August 7, 2013.

Okay, now is pictures showing time, there're actually quite a lot of pictures that I took on that day.

This is the fusion corner . Smoking duck,beef roll ,tuna and some thai kerabu and salad . The most I liked the most is the crab salad and the tuna is very fresh without any fishy smell mixed with asparagus is the best matched ever.

Here are some of the marinated snack sweet and sour make peopley super refreshing and appetizing .
 The most attractive corner "seafood heaven",  such a huge portion of tiger prawn, mussel and of cause oyster!!!!!

This buffet is along with Nasi Padang, favourite food from the local and the international fare will also joined. Crowd pleasers like rosted whole lamb, mee rebus Johor, yong tau foo with a selection of chinese dishes will be served.

Fat fat lamb @@, yummy yummy. Inside the lamb there are actually put inside some rice mixed with herbs. 

Lamb with the signature mint sauce :)
I am more prefer the grilled lamb :)

 Johor famous mee rebus, the sauce is very delicious and tasty . I like this ;p Thumb up . Me seldom eat the yellow mee because I hate that alkaline smell  of the mee. But mixed with the sauce the alkaline smell is decrease gradually. I've finished the whole bowl.

A picture for this two awesome ladies with the delicious dishes.

#Terung Balado is an egg plant with some chili paste . The eggplant is cooked until very soft and easily melted in your mouth.

When talked about buka puasa Ayam rendang can be categorize as the signature dishes.

#Ayam rendang Minang

#Kelio Ayam Nangka  

There are also include:
  • Gulai Lomak Cili Padi
  • Ayam Goreng Rempah
  • Udang Kelio
  • Gulai kambing
  • Paru Dendeng
  • Ikan Goreng Lado Hijau
  • Rendang Daging
  • Udang Gulai Paku

The things that make me most excited is the dessert part!!
Is this a dessert heaven, so many dessert from authentic Indonesia, Local, western and chinese (tong sui). My stomach is too small, can't try each of that. So you must come and try your own hahhahaha.

Blueberry yogurt pudding and black forest cake.
I'm highly recommend the creme brulee. It is super soft and smooth you can't even need too bite it, just swallow it smoothly and its will dissolve spontaneously.

One thing that I need to highly recommend is the picture below -Godok Batinta
Banana fritters served with palm sugar.
The aroma of banana is so strong and it is almost a banana ball .

They actually playing some of the cheerful music to eveyone and guess what they walk around to each of the table and performed the song , so caring right? each table leh. I have no idea they're actually sang how many times. While enjoying the delicious food with the music . It is a damn nice experience for me.
"Warung Nasi Padang Ibunda" Food Promotion

*Melting Pot Cafe
(July 10- August 7,2013)
Price: 108 ++ per person

* Concorde Ballroom
(July 16- August 4,2013)
Early bird Special Price : Rm90.00 nett with the purchase of voucher
Normal Price: Rm 98 ++ nett

15% Discount for Cardmembers
*Alliance Bank, CIMB,Citibank,Hong Leong, Maybank, Public Bank and RHB

For any further enquiries , please call the number below:
2144 2200 2337 or email

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