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Sunday, June 23, 2013

StripeStylez x Audrey

Ohh yeah this is my virgin post for outfit .I'm actually is an ordinary who like shopping, makeup. I'm usually get my inspiration of fashion through online such as Kpop Music video and ofcause magazine.
Recently, Kpop style is like a hot cake , I 'm admit I'm not really an addicted Kpop fans but I like their fashion sense it can be simple and high fashion. However, I'm also in love with Europe street style. Those celebrities just looking SWAG and trendy in just one simple item.

Today I want to show you guys how to style with striped pant :) . This is the item you must have in your wardrobe. Instead of striped, checkered, animal skin that in monochrome is 2013 Hits item now. You must own at least one of them either in skirt, short or dress.
 Me personally like striped pant the most because it can make your legs make so slim and yet it is super easy to mix and match.

Are you ready for Audrey Runway #OOTD

First- casual look with striped pant
Whatever T shirt that you like you can just matched it with the striped pants
But I am more prefer to plain T shirt and I choose black because I'm think black is more cool . Hehe you may try with Neon colour shirt also.
I'm like Neon colour items also, will share with you all in the coming post.

Simple put on your shade or some accessories  x wedges

Second- White x Striped pants

Beside the black colour, white top is also plays an character
Little white colar top and tied up a bow below to show your sexy waist 

Flat blue shoe and red bag just add on some colourful of the outfit other than black and white :)

Don't worry, flat shoe will not make you shorter because of the effect of the stripe pants your legs will looks slimmer and longer even without high heel. But of cause you can't be too short lah ;p

Third- Cropped top x striped pants
Last one, me personally like cropped top so much but in Malaysia I'm not recommend to wear with low waist hot pants although I know is sexy but but know right safety first . If not the government will blame us is because we wearing too sexy and make the crime happened. What a stupid explanation!!

 But fashion won't die because of the crime .RIP sexy
I'm think that this outfit is not too sexy. I don;t think people will have imagination with the belly button right hahahahaha

Cherry pink with leopard print high heel x transparent bag 

Seriously I don't think sexy outfit will cause the crime , personality and the attitude is the main problem . Stop blaming the outfit please. 

But anyway hope you all like what I'm sharing. Remember go to grab one striped pants and SWAG together yeah :)


  1. I'll imagine ur sexy belly!! LOLxxx

  2. I like the third look, I think it would look awesome with a white peplum top too :D

  3. To: Cindy Tong
    Oh babe , just go ahead hahahahahaha

    To: niccchang
    Aiyo no need to envy lah, you have a nice leg also ;p

    To: Hilda Milda
    yaya I'm thinking of that so :) But too bad I dont have white peplum ;( I think it will looks good with it

  4. you are so slim!!!! jealous wei :(

  5. To Yuh Jiun

    LOL, no need to jelly lah xP
    Don't be sad babe

  6. Ohh, I always wanted to rock the striped pants look! Love the third look too. :D

  7. prettiness overload!
    "who will have some imagination with the belly button" wahahahaha! LIKE!

  8. To Carmen hong
    Babe, rock ya!! striped pant

    To Eivin

    Thanks you for praise :)
    In fact that true right? who will imagine that hahaha


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