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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Ficelle Boulangerie Patisserie @ Taman Danau Desa KL

Ficelle Boulangarie & Patisserie

So it is the greatest day of the week, Saturday and me and bf have decided to try out something new for us as we've enjoy places like Levain.

This place is an alternative to Levain as both shared some numerous similarities.

The Patisserie, or rather, confectionery. In Taman Danau Desa. 
Seats are all outdoors, great if only Malaysia climate is a lot less hotter
This places is clearly meant for afternoon tea with your mates

 plain white spaghetti 
nude colour bodycon skirt 

Snapped by boyfriend =P
Aside from breads, cakes etc, they do sell some other assortment of items, such as spreads as pictured. 

Behold, the main attraction! They sell a good amount of cakes here, which looks great too bad I do not have the tummy big enough to for all of them X) 

And of course, a wide range of breads are available as well. You're literally surrounded by breads and cakes stepping inside the shop. 

Not to mention, one of my favourite, Macaroons~ It comes at RM3.50 per piece, which I'd say being moderately priced. Neither too pricey or cheap. 

Spot that chocolate coated/dipped mini croissant? Not my kind of thing but apparently appears to be Boyfriend's favourite =/

Pizza-ish bread

Lying is hundreds of different breads which would take you some serious amount of time to event try them all out.

Oh and people are queue-ing at the cashier in the shop with some considerable amount of breads on their individual tray , which could meant that they should be tasty! 

 It is a bulgy circular in shape with smooth out white slightly yellowish surface, which looks sort of UFO-ish? haha doesn't matter really because this souffle is delicious.

This is one of the most renowned item in the shop, the UFO souffle. That's correct UFO. Doesn't really look UFO-ish in this picture as it has been cut out. 

It was souffled to perfection, the texture is incredibly soft on the inside, sort of like being very slight hint of liquidish in the middle. Not too sweet either and easily eaten, exactly something you'd want for your afternoon tea. Comes at RM4.00 per piece.

This looks just like your usual cupcake isn't it? Boring. 

Turns out to be quite different. A pleasant surprise from this little cupcake. It is called the Zeitaku cupcake of Chocolate flavour. The texture is not your usual cupcake texture, it is of puff texture which match awesomely with the cream inside. Making this to be quite delicious as well. It was picked as recommended by the personnel there. 

Next is our main course, Cream Ham and Mushroom spaghetti for myself. 

And again, burger for him. 

Is is a fried chicken burger coupled with the usual garnishes of salads and wedges. The white sauce tasted good and the chicken are quite tender as well as the meat used was a non-lean meat part of a chicken. Portion size is adequate. 

Me, indulging myself of my lunch. Sorry for the emo face, I do actually enjoyed the food hehe

Highly focused boyfriend enjoying his favourite food of all time, burgers 

As mentioned, the confectionery offers some assortments of items aside from cakes and breads. Here you have nougats, lovely as a gift as it is already well packed. 

And if you're a fan of macaroon but find the filling too sweet, you could actually get macaroon rusk here, without the fillings, how cool is that?

The Meal totaled to about RM40.

We had a spaghetti, a burger, single piece of UFO souffle, a zeitaku cream puff, a croissant and a mini chocolate croissant along with my favourite drink, Coca-Cola.

 All seems to be priced reasonably well. Great and lovely place for your afternoon tea. We'll definitely return to try out more foods from them due to our limited stomach space hahah.

Ficelle Boulangarie and Patisserie
Lot 11 - 0 - 12, Jalan 3/109 F, 
Danau Business Centre,
Taman Danau Desa,
58100 Kual Lumpur,
Operating Hours : 08:00 to 21:00

The driver of the day :) Acting cool lol


  1. Hi Audrey, it's Wendy here. Was nice to meet you yesterday at Kelantan Delights! :)

  2. Hi wendy, nice to meet you too <3, hope to see you soon in the coming event :)


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