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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My Burger Lab @ Seapark, PJ SS2

Burger Lab?Having burger in lab? This is totally draw my fully attention and  I wish to pay a visits to burger lab.

To be honest, I'm not the person who like burger very much instead I hate bread !! Bread is too dry and make me feels very hard to swallow it or maybe my esophagus is too tiny ? Doubt ==''

I actually received many good comments from all my friends that went before keep on praising their
 burger is too delicious and ask me must go to try it. At first, I'm still thinking ,is it really so delicious.

Therefore, I bring along my bf to find out the truth :)
We reached there around 5 something. It is very hard to get a parking at there and the road is very small...
We actually passed through few times and searching around just want to get a parking slot. It wasted almost 25 minutes.

Seriously, they open at 5 o'clock sharply and you already can see a long queue .... Many people are waiting for their burger .
The word that pop out in my mind is "WAITING, WAITING WAITING..." sorry I'm didn't have so much patient ><

The environment.....

You can see a little board hang at there with full of picture, they even sketched out the burger outlook , so cute !!

TIPS???? Ringgit Malaysia, Rupiah and so on......

When I saw this, I keep on laughing non stop .... Why the people need to hold a "parang" and the people edit his face to a pork head...  LOL is so funny right..* Hope you get what I means

No menu is served so don't waste your time to search for the menu, all the dishes are already written down at the blackboard with colourful chalk this make me recall back my primary school life.
Yet I'm done some research before I came , their most well known burger is Say Cheese and A+.

Finally is our turn ...woohoo..

The most happy thing is you can refill your soft drink like what you do at MCD~  but too bad they do not serve COKE.

Target !! Burger .
We ordered Say cheese ( add on shiitake and enoki) and A+ and we choose beef for patty. For those who can't take beef they served chicken also :)
 *Just add on another RM6 for fries+ soda (can refill)  
* Charcoal bread and the fresh prepared patty is their main selling point.
This is the first time I saw a burger in grey colour.

My bf A+ burger....... RM 21 
Caramelised onions is finger licking good and is 100% matched .

 Mine is Say cheese (shiitake +enoki) - RM19
Cheese is fully melted above the patty, nom nom
I like cheese so much..

The patty is so juicy and absolutely tender with crispy surface. It is super amazing . I swear this is best ever burger I ate..
Caramelised shiitake + enoki just light up my tastebud.
The texture of the charcoal bread is very soft ( homemade) Awesome

The sauce that came along with the fries is so special. It just taste like chili sauce mixed with mayonnaise. The portion for the fries is big enough, a little herb is put on the surface of the fries and taste a little bit spicy.

Overall rating 9/10. I definitely will come back and try their burger again.

As a reminder, please come earlier if you plan to dine in .
This is the first time I'm able to finish the whole burger by myself.
Hehe ....because usually I will leave a piece of bread ...

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  1. the burgers there are awesome! i'm not sure if you know about this, but burgerlab is going to give out rm100 cash vouchers in a contest. wooottts. i've joined myself, it's free and really easy to join. check it out for yourself =)


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