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Monday, January 7, 2013

New year eve dinner @ 豪客壽喜燒(Hao Ke)

Hi guys, we are stepping in 2013 now,is a brand new year. A new page for my life. Thanks God that the apocalypse never happen and I passed my Winter Solstice with colourful "tang yuan" yummy yummy. Well, today I would like to share regarding my celebration on New Year Eve..I open my warm and sincerely heart to welcome this wonderful year. I went to a new japanese sukiyaki restaurant, 豪客壽喜燒(Hao Ke) which located at Bandar Puteri, Puchong just next to the row of Chatime, it is a corner shop lot, is very easy to find it out :) Instead I do some research about the restaurant, many of the customer giving a good comment on it, that why we went to have a bite on it , ngek ngek......
 The signboard of the restaurant 豪客壽喜燒(Hao Ke)
As you can see that, actually this restaurant is reported by the newspaper too, so how can you miss this opportunity ?
There have a super wide environment, it looks very tidy and clean, the air -cond is cold enough

The kitchen looks clean as well 

The sauce corner 
The dessert corner: ice cream ( yam, vanila, chocolate, choco chip, strawberry...) 
The beverage is the soft drink , so you can make whatever pepsi float or others..

Both of these actually is a soup for the sukiyaki
the brown colour one actually is the japanese soya sweet sauce another is just the plain water to dilute the saltness of the soup, the container is so cute right, as the first sign , I taught is what Herbal tea like that but luckily I didn't taste about it directly * silly me
The sauces there prepared, chili, tomato,  dry chili, garlic , green onion and eggs 

There are actually got some ingredient is already placed in the bowl before we order anything of the dishes, so caring ,inside the bowl is not blank
There are two session, one is like the shabu shabu another is the BBQ
Look at this , do you want to try ?

Can't wait to have a taste on it, my saliva is keep on moving on my mouth ><
Finally is boiled, Hurray, faster grab out one piece of the meat and shabu shabu 
Fungi!!! variety type of the fungi totally drive me crazy, I'm just so in love in all the fungi , Imma so crazy and excited when saw it 
I'm not so in love with those chlorophyll thing , but then this vegetable I have no idea what is the name, but then it very tasty too :)

I admit I'm a meat lover, I can't imagine how I survive without MEAT , beef &pork slide ,so fresh and juicy 

There got a way to increase get the meat more delicious which is , u can mixed it with raw egg, this is recommend by the boss there 
Yummy yummy BBQ is coming!!!!!!!
The shrimp and the squid is just super duper FRESH, without added any MSG, you totally can taste the original flavor for those seafood. Thumb up

Lamb skewer, beef skewer, pork skewer 

The more awesome and I want to highly recommend this is the BBQ Clams, it is so fat and juicy ,OMG, I'm craving now T.T
This is the situation after the FOOD HUNTING ,My stomach is FULL and I rest like a boss.
You can see How satisfied am I? heheheheheehhe
At last, we chit chat waiting for the digestion process , this year countdown we didn't go out because we don't want to trap inside Jam ,after eat we just watching the Taiwan countdown program, the firework from Taipei 101 is very beautiful and nice, I can't wait for next year is my turn watch it by my naked eye ..
So, What you still waiting for, faster pick up your phone do a reservation now :)
For more information
RM28/person  Japanese Restaurant · Buffet Restaurant

+60-3-80666988 (4pm-11pm), +60-12-3736836 (11am-4pm)

Today 5:00 pm - 12:00 am

Facebook page :

The End

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