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Sunday, January 13, 2013

金瓜西米露 Tutorial / Pasta Zanmai @ 01012013

Hey guys, there is  bad new is going to happen  which is school start tomorrow!!!! I'm seriously haven't prepare well my mood to welcome the new semester. Well, this is my last sem in UTAR,after this sem I'm gonna escape from kampar as soon as possible. BLA BLA BLA,sorry I'm out of the topic . By the way, today I want to share a simple recipe  with you all  :) It is just so simple to prepare and is a healthy dessert too :) Let's get start 
The dessert that I want to prepare is 金瓜西米露. The pumpkin is given by my Bf neighbour and my bf mother was totally no idea how to cook it, then I suggest my bf to make a dessert since we got nothing to do at home and I craving some sweet stuff too :) 

So here we go, all the ingredients is prepared well
Full cream milk, honey, pumpkin, sagu ,sugar
The 1st step is ,we need to make the pumpkin become more softer before we blend it become small pieces , its take around 25 minutes to steam it 
So that, in between we can also start to prepare the sagu(The transparent little thing) as well. The sagu is white colour before cook .After 15 minutes, all the sagu is turn to transparent colour remove all the water and put it into the fridge .

The cooked pumpkin is placed inside the blender, two big spoon of sugar is added inside follow by 250ml of full cream milk and some portion of honey 

Wait until all the ingredients are placed inside, then you can start to blend into small pieces
p/s Do not switch to the most powerful button first, start with the lowest power button 1st 

Finally, take the sagu that we prepared at the beginning and mixed it with the pumpkin soup.
Tadaa !!! This is the outcome 
At the night, we went to pasta zanmai to enjoy our dinner and watched a movie called "UPSIDE DOWN" We ordered two sets of pasta , the amount of the pasta is super big, this make me and my bf stomach become super duper FULL. But then the spagetti that serve at pasta zamai is awesome especially the picture below, the soup is very sweet(because of the clams) and not oily and most important is I'm the fungus lover .Highly recommended 

Terriyaki chicken with my favourite Half Boiled Egg
My bf pasta just very normal only , hahahahahah so no intention want to describe it 
But then , this side dish is not bad due to the omelette is damn delicious not over cooked .
 The movie "UPSIDE DOWN" I'm not going to do  the review because I think is so so only ,nothing special other than these (there got two different town one is the UP another is the DOWN)

Seriously I'm hate going to school, all the reports, thesis, assignment,tests are waiting me ><
Anyway I'm just need to accept this holy shit FACT

The End

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