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Sunday, January 20, 2013

高麗点心茶楼 @IPOH

 ALOHA, a warm greeting for all my readers ..since the school was started one week ,well as usual week 1 is a little bit free but then the lab report already started T.T Oh gosh, the turbo is going to stand by to face all the SHIT !! 
As you know that IPOH people normally having the dim sum as their breakfast, my bf was craving for IPOH dim sum, but then he said that to me" except fu san and ming kok is that still got other well known dim sum restaurant in ipoh. My expression was like "Hello, I'm Ipoh girl okay, sure I know more than that..
p/s due to the reason that, many foreigners will went for Fu San &Ming kok

If you want to try other than both of them, I can recommend you all to have a try at  高麗点心茶楼 @ipoh garden.

ignore my swollen face because we wake up very early ><

As usual I will introduce the environment for the restaurant, it serve air-conditional inside, is freaking cold at the early morning, so do remember bring along your cardigan 

Ipoh people damn like dim sum xD
They having variety type of dim sum, all is fresh prepare , its hot :) 
"Xiu Mai", "Ha Gao" is a MUST 

Beside dim sum, they also serve some main dish such as pig intestine noodle and porridge as well
As you can see that, their level of popularity is not bad too compare with Fu San & Ming kok

We ordered 普洱 as our tea
皮蛋粥, it is super yummy, you must get a try on it 
烧卖, the ebiko on top is real 
Pig intestine noodle
虾饺, the shrimp inside is very fresh 

虾卷, one of my favourite dim sum with the mayonnaise ,it is freaking awesome 

春卷, sweet and sour sauce is just so match

My bf just in love with the "char shao" based on his opinion, he said is not bad too .I'm not a "char shao" lover, so I'm no comment on it
Follow by my dim sum dessert, 鸳鸯流沙包
the yellow one is 奶油流沙包
the white one is 红豆流沙包
Both of them make me mouth watering and it is finger licking good :)

红豆流沙包, you can see that the invagination is eluted out 
Me personally is prefer this ONE 
鱼鳔羹the special item of the day, I'm love this too , those aunties said it is good for beauty because it is full with collagen 
Last one , Ipoh Famous 山水豆腐花
It is so smooth and soft , it is compatible with the funny mountain  tau fu fa 

Self loving :)

I'm eating non stop.......
However ............................
My bf is already stop >< 

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Business hour 
Enjoy reading

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