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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Surprise from Hishop

😘Sorry for not updating my blog such a long time. Perhaps I don't have so much free time as University time .

Last few months I had received a huge pack products from Hishop who sent me some of the well known products for review purpose.

There are total three different products in the box.F cup cookies, make up cleansing water and YOGURUGEN intestinal food.
F cup cookies

F cup cookies is already quite a long time  in Malaysia market . I heard about it since secondary school but don't have the chance to give a try . Finally thank to hishop for giving me this oppurtunity to taste it.

This is strawberries flavour . Not sure it provide any effect for the breast enlargement . But the taste is very good and the texture is so rich .

When come to makeup remover, I'm very particular and quite picky. I don't like oily and sticky feeling on my face therefore emulsion type will always be my favourite to prevent any clogging pores or impurities on my face . My impression for Cleansing water is cannot remove heavy make up due to some water resistance like mascara needs specific oil base eye& lip make up remover .But for sensitive skin like me emulsion type make up remover usually will contain some emulsifier  which will make my skin like burning and blemish. I like mild makeup remover and makesure my daily make up not that heavy. You will realize that me seldom put on eyeliner or even mascara .

Beside talk about Yogurugen yogurt drink. Actually I 'm remember last time when I saw their slogan "once a week , fit fit bom pit pit" 
More detail for the product information are Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium will multiply as well as produces gases through the breakdown of lactose and oligosaccharide . This process will helps to stimulate defecation after two or four hours of consumption and thus attain the purpose of intenstine cleaning.
Flat tunmy is always a dream for every girl😍Nowadays me starting my workout routine and planning to get a membership for GYM.

Now you can enhance the process to get a flat tummy instead of exercise. By the detox is very important for girls especially skin condition. Good detoxification will give you a beautiful and glowing skin which can helps you save a lots of cosmetics and skin care money. For those who always facing constipation problem and meat lover this definitely will works on you.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Why Not? Bodycon Dress

Bodycon dress dress normally will brings out an idea who is the girl who wear this type of dress must be very confident and feeling proud with her curvy body figure.
Just to let you know that bodycon dresses are known for its tight style which hugs onto your curves and reveals your body figure.

I have myself a midi bodycon from Topshop but I'm not that kind of feminine person so I match it with a loafer ;)

However, not every women think that bodycon dress can be into different style other than sexy or feminine.

Bodycon dress can be very young, funky and street style.

You can try to accessorize your look perfectly to expose a fabulous outfit. Match it with a pair of cool boots or sneaker to look more swag :)

Otherwise, you can match it with some outer wear and make it more casual .

If you prefer to be more casual, bring out your white canvas shoe ,it definitely will looks great and comfortable on you .

Select colours such as black, navy blue, dark grey or even dark purple to compliment your body figure and show it off with confidence. 

If you want to be fabulous or sexy, high heel is always the best choice .It will helps you to to elongate your silhouette and make your legs look fantastic and make your body ratio as nice as barbie doll.

Seriously every women wardrobe must have at least one piece of bodycon dress .

If you are wondering where to get fabulous pieces of bodycon dresses, try checking out ZALORA as they offer amazing designs for women online.  

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Taiwan Trip Day 2

Hello, sorry for abandon my blog such a long time, I will try my best to update more frequently.

Let's check it out my schedule of the day :)

Schedule for Taiwan Trip Day 2
Woke up early in the morning, quickly prepared and went to visit "my little panda". This is my first time see panda by naked eye.

How to go there?
- We took Taiwan Metro (内湖线) to  木删动物园

After arrived Taipei Zoo, we queue up to buy entry ticket, it only cost 60NTW/each person.

Finally panda in my real life.
She is so chubby and cute 😍

Bf forced me to take ride of Maokong Gondola .You know I'm afraid of height seriously.

No eyes see!

Well, we arrived at the top of the moutain safely . It was so windy and the cold breeze keep on repeating and makes me fall sick! Poor me just second day and still got one more week to go:(

There was a small tea farm located just a few steps beside the gondola. It was very fun when you eating ice cream during winter .

We took lunch at panda theme cafe , it taste so so only but the theme is sp attractive . Lol typical tourist act 😒

草泥马 so lazy maybe because of winter they are hibernate 。

Silver back gorilla .He is huge in size , it is almost similar size as a teenager 。Don't know why I felt like he is so chio.

Thursday, February 27, 2014



1) 男人常说我喜欢素颜的女生不喜欢浓妆艳抹的女生。

女生们,其实男人是喜欢你化妆了却看起来像没化妆似的完美无瑕。并不是叫你完全不化妆。转过头,男人看的又或者“like” 的是照片全是浓妆艳抹的女生。

2) 我答应你我会改的。


3) 我相信我们会有将来的


4) 我这辈子只爱你一个。


5) 男人说我爱你。


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Countdown Taiwan -Day 1

Hello ... Good day!*wave hand 
Now is time to update my Taiwan Trip. Too many photos in my camera which makes me very lazy to transfer it to my computer and of cause the most troublesome is editing photo one by one.

Let's me summarize my Day 1 schedule:

 10:00 am Depart form LCCT 
 15:00 pm  Arrive Taoyuan International Airport
 18:00 pm  Countdown and Dinner at Taipei 101

Thank for our beloved host for the picked up service, he is very cordial and affectionate while introducing Taiwan.

It took 45 minutes for the whole journey from Taoyuan International Airport to Taipei.

Our lovely room with daisy and natural theme :)
I make my reservation through Airbnb. It named as "FOREVER INN" *click here for more information.

The first thing we do after touch down is to register a Taiwan SimCard. For your information , I used 台湾大哥大 , however my bf used 中华电信. The reason behind both of us taken different telco is for review purpose for my blog !! LOL
The answer is 台湾大哥大 is better :) *smile smile
You know why ?
My phone will have full line even we went to rural area. So you all know which to choose when you go Taiwan ;p

The next thing that must be registered is EASY CARD which in Malaysia we called Touch n Go. In Taiwan their public transport is very advanced you can reach your destination by using their subway.
You may refer to their  metro subway map below.
It is very convenient compared to our country and very easy to understand.

Registration Fee- 100 NTD
You will be return 80 NTD when you cancelled your card.

After unpacked all the luggage and walk 3 minutes from my hostel to 中山国中捷运站 to Taipei 101.

How to go Taipei 101 ?

中山国中捷运站(文湖线)---> 大安---> 台北101


We went to Taipei 101 for our dinner as we were very hungry until can eat a whole cow !!

 Exactly "what to eat" expression! hahahahA

We choose to have our dinner at Taipei 101 food pavilion.
There are very famous with "ding tai fung"

I love the design for the food pavilion.

The most easy way to choose what to eat is to looking around and see what others eating or see the amount of queue.

Since we are very hungry, we choose to have rice as our dinner.

Kimchi Jigae- A huge portion of kimchi jigae with reasonable price (230 NTD)

Big Shrimp is included :)

Super big portion of side dishes, you may choose your own side dishes as I choose to have marinated seaweed, potatoes salad and marinated glass noodles.

As My bf just ordered  Bulgogi beef set (230 NTD)

We are ready to countdown !! Woohoo!! Jumping like a kid
Seriously, there are freezing outside ..But I like winter more! I rather die because of cold also don't want melt like a cheese ...:p

I can't imagine we are just standing beside Taipei 101.
I remember every year I watched the  Taipei 101 firework on TV!
And yet my dream have comes true :)

This time countdown is a little bit special compared to the pass few years .

Can you spotted a Spiderman is hanging over there!

Yeah! The Spiderman will rotate 360 degree when step 00:00 sharp and his finger pointing to TAIPEI 101 to initiate the Firework :)

We just sit at middle of the road and waiting for the firework!

Drinking beer to make my body feels warmer as the temperature is keep dropping when comes to the night time.

I like this beer . It tastes like Heineken but it is a sweet version of that.
The price is very cheap.
I found that Taiwan stuffs are more cheaper compared to Malaysia.
Malaysia Tax is freaking insane!

I told you that Taiwanese are very warm and friendly. There are giving free body warmer for us :)
 They're so caring . I felt very warm especially in winter time.

I like Taiwanese accent , they always ended up their sentences with 噢~~ 嘻嘻

Taipei 101 Countdown concert. S.H.E on the board :)

Ready??? Ready??? Ready???

Happy New Year 2014

Seconds before the clocks hit twelve, everything went silent and lights were darkened..
The first light we saw seconds later was from the tallest tower of Taipei 101 that dwarfs the rest of the city.
That first light was magnificent, it rendered the crowd speechless, it was indeed breathtaking.
That incredible sight and magical moment was more than enough every effort spent.

Last Picture at 2013 :)

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