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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Surprise from Hishop

😘Sorry for not updating my blog such a long time. Perhaps I don't have so much free time as University time .

Last few months I had received a huge pack products from Hishop who sent me some of the well known products for review purpose.

There are total three different products in the box.F cup cookies, make up cleansing water and YOGURUGEN intestinal food.
F cup cookies

F cup cookies is already quite a long time  in Malaysia market . I heard about it since secondary school but don't have the chance to give a try . Finally thank to hishop for giving me this oppurtunity to taste it.

This is strawberries flavour . Not sure it provide any effect for the breast enlargement . But the taste is very good and the texture is so rich .

When come to makeup remover, I'm very particular and quite picky. I don't like oily and sticky feeling on my face therefore emulsion type will always be my favourite to prevent any clogging pores or impurities on my face . My impression for Cleansing water is cannot remove heavy make up due to some water resistance like mascara needs specific oil base eye& lip make up remover .But for sensitive skin like me emulsion type make up remover usually will contain some emulsifier  which will make my skin like burning and blemish. I like mild makeup remover and makesure my daily make up not that heavy. You will realize that me seldom put on eyeliner or even mascara .

Beside talk about Yogurugen yogurt drink. Actually I 'm remember last time when I saw their slogan "once a week , fit fit bom pit pit" 
More detail for the product information are Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium will multiply as well as produces gases through the breakdown of lactose and oligosaccharide . This process will helps to stimulate defecation after two or four hours of consumption and thus attain the purpose of intenstine cleaning.
Flat tunmy is always a dream for every girl😍Nowadays me starting my workout routine and planning to get a membership for GYM.

Now you can enhance the process to get a flat tummy instead of exercise. By the detox is very important for girls especially skin condition. Good detoxification will give you a beautiful and glowing skin which can helps you save a lots of cosmetics and skin care money. For those who always facing constipation problem and meat lover this definitely will works on you.


  1. Hi there! Great post, I enjoyed reading!! BTW I've nominated you for the "Blogger Recognition Award". Being quite similar to the Liebster Award, I hope you enjoy doing it! Keep the wonderful posts comin'! =)

  2. whoots! Fcup cookies! i wonder what will happen if guy eat it. haha


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