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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Revlite laser treatment - IDO'S Clinic [SPONSORED]

Specially thanks to Idos for the invitation and  have a great collaboration with them :)

Yes, I had done my laser treatment last 2 weeks. So far I'm very satisfied with the result.

When mention about laser, people will usually think it is very painful, redness .

Revlite Laser is a new generation from the previous old school laser technique. Its provide a greater efficacy

and comfort with nearly 60 % more power to pigmentation, stubborn tatto, smoothen the skin, acne scar

problem & pore minimize.The PTP feactures an unique nanosecond pulse configuration delivering up to 1,6 Joules, even

larger spot size which enabling highly effective procedures with less heat and increase safety.

What is the usually question about Laser?

  • Do we need to apply a thick layer of sunblock or high SPF ?

Answer: No.Just apply a normal sunblock with SPF 25 and prevent outdoor activities ( beach..) for the 1st 3              weeks.

  • Is that pain?

Answer: Based on my experience, It is not pain at all, like the ant bite and a little hot at the beginning. After   that no feeling :)

  •  Will it be redness and swollen? 

Answer: It have a little bit redness after the treatment, but after the soothing mask and the Light treatment.                   The redness is immediately  disappear. It doesn't occur any swollen on my face.

Before the treatment, a nice very consultant asked me some question whether I've any sensitive issue of t=my skin, allergy of what kine of material?

So below are the procedures and how the equipment looks like?

The equipment looks like a rocket? 

Before the Laser treatment, doctor need me to do the skin analysis to understand more about my skin.

Going to do the treatment .. The hat is ehemmm=='''
Nervous & excited

Soothing Mask in process ....ZZZZZ

My Result .

My skin is become smoothen and have natural glowing, my annoying mustache which is bleach to white colour and cannot be seen .

Doctor said I need to apply hydrating mask for continuous 3 days. Because after doing the Laser Treatment the skin will be dehydrated and dry. So I must take care my skin very well.

Weeks 2


Take 1 


                                                                                Take 2
Revlite Laser Treatment - RM850 per treatment 

Branches Location:

 Ido's Clinic 

Batu Pahat 012-728 8992 JB Sutera 012-789 5992 Kulai Indahpura 012-778 5992 Kluang Mall 012-708 7992
Klang Bukit Tinggi 017-508 4992 Kota Damansara 017-486 1992 Puchong SetiaWalk 03-5879 3851
Queensbay 012-412 59922


  1. Hi Audrey, thanks for your sharing :)

  2. wow smooth and shining! i wanna do laser also! >.<
    anyway just realized u got double chin! cool!

    1. yup, smooth skin not priority for girl only XD
      Double chin like the mat salleh :)

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