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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Bangkok Day 1

Bangkok is such a shopping heaven for ladies ! I swear every girl will scream and shop until broke same as me .XD
I'm definitely will at least once a year.
Accommadation plays an important role for a trip. Before you go playing around you must rest well . That why hotel is vital for me. Especially the cleaniliness & lightning for the room. So me and my bf actually spent alots of time in choosing the hotel.
Finally we choose this one with plenty of good reviews  which including strategy location, service, cleanliness. 
The hotel information as stated below:
  • Name: The Period Pratunam
  • Location: JUst opposite platinum mall (0.4km)
  • Address: 39/4 Soi Petchburi15,Petchburi Rd.Pratunam Bangkok, Thailand 10400
  • How to get there: TAxi Or Bts ( siam station) 
  • Hints: All their furniture is manufacture from IKEA with high quality

Huge size and comfort bed. The simply design mixed with naturally wooden furniture just so nice and relaxing.

In case you forget to bring your personal shower tools. Don't worries they are also provided us shower tools.

Between you may also can get it from 7-11 convenient shop. Which is almost half price compared to our Malaysia drugstores. 
Haiz Malaysia really tax 99!!!
Wait a moment, I know you all want to know how was the washroom?

Tadaa! The washroom is very clean and tidy. 

Instead of shopping heaven . Bangkok can consider as food heaven also. 
For example you can easily get food supplied. When I'm stepped out my hotel. There are some hawker stalls are selling traditional thai snack there.

BBQ Pork!!!
It was so juicy and cheap . Rm 1 for each !!!

Ofcause, even came to thailand . I'm still addicted to soft drink- Coke.

I called it sunflower waffle. The outlooks is so cute even the taste is also good.
After landing, we faster unpacked our stuffs at hotel then go hunting for food.

We choose to have lunch at platinum mall food court . Because I don't want waste time for finding restaurant. I'm just can't wait to shop ❤

Just go for the counter, buy the card. The remaining can be refund. 
It is so syok like using credit card to buy food instead of using cash. I'm so enjoyable with this awesome service. Please improve lah Malaysia.
The ambience was so clean and variety choices of food.

Their floor is so shinning and clean.

I ordered Thailand famous Fish Maw Soup. The fish maw is so chewy and the soup is just so smooth and yummy. I miss it.

Oyster Omelette .
This is barely different with Penang one. I'm prefer this more because the oyster is super big and very crispy .

Som Tam- Thailand famous appetizers .
Fresh mango with some spicy &sour sauce. 
Trust me, It definitely can increase your appetite.
You can easily get it at Thailand and it have variety of choices.

First day #OOTD

Stripe pant with simple T & Vintage sunglasses

I 've no idea why Thailand fruits can be so tasty and sweet. The sweetness of the fruits is double up compared with Malaysia. You must try their Mango !! Their fruit juice is also very delicious .

# Thai market #watchbelt#colourful#cheap

In thailand there are so many people queue up for this kind of crepe. I didn't try it because I'm so lazy to queue up.==''

#OOTD for night
Flora bustier in pastel orange
Hight waist Denim short

Sorry for the food that I'm holding spoil the whole pic .Lol I'm just can't resists thai food .Owhh
Diet plan failed !!
Someone can sponsor me weight management plan or tell me how keep fit?

Outside the hotel, you can spend your time with your beloved friends or bf with a cup of coffee  or online since there are wifi provided.

My beloved bf , why your hair like that ==''
he always lazy to style his hair ><

On the way to siam paragon!! Inside TUK TUK .
Ignore my tiring face &messy hair blowing by strong wind . I was sick for the whole BANGKOK trip but I'm still want shopping.


My bf is so hardworking for doing the restaurant research.
This is the restaurant with high rating and recommend by foursquare.

Inter @Siam square

Directions: Walked down from Siam (Central) BTS.
More review here.

*This restaurant giving me a feels like old time fast food restaurant like hong kong "cha chan teng"

Their menu . I'm so happy to see their menu instead of giving me whole wordy menu. I'm more prefer to look at the picture :0 And you no need to imagine how your dishes look like .Great Idea and it is awesome for tourist like us whom don't know how to speak Thai.
We just pointing here and there XD.

While waiting for the food , cam whore is a must .....

Cold plain water is a must in Thailand because of their hotty weather and TOM YAM.

Is is so so for me only .I'm highly recommend the one that I ate at asiatique. Please visit here.

The prawn is middel in size but it is so fresh and chewy :)

Belacan Kankung -Apparently this is so surprising !! It is very delicious and drooling.

Clams fried with Basil herb- The clams are very freshy and the meat is fat and juicy enough. 

Even I'm sick like hell that time, but Bangkok foods are totally amazing and finger licking good, so how can I prevent it .That time I was "die then die , I don't care".
After dinner, we went to siam center to finish our meal with awesome dessert in a theme restaurant that you can missed it . Please click here.

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