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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Dolly Wink Workshop

First and foremost, thanks you the butterfly project invitation. I'm glad to attend Koji Dolly Wink workshop was held at IOI MALL @Little Pantry.

Our testers. Awhh so many. I'm so excited.
Koji personalized cupcakes and cake. All in my favourite pastel colour :)

Everyone must know Dolly Wink right? In case you all don't know. Let me brief a little bit info to you all.

Dolly wink is actually a japanese brand that endorsed by one well known popteen model Tsubasa Masuwaka who is synonymous with the Gyaru trend.

She is a one son mother but she already divorce with her husband .

She officially owned a make up brand called candy doll as well as a similar line that focusing on false eyelashes called dolly wink which I want to introduce to you all today.

I can consider a dumb in applying false eyelashes.After attended the beauty workshop .I'm finally have an idea about how to apply eyelashes easily. But there is no shortcut for learning process. Always remember practice make perfect.

Dolly wink false eyelashes the concept is mostly based for more glamorous and outstanding look which is suitable for girls who like to have a exquisite eyelashes.

Beside, the new launching false eye lashes collection "lash concierge"
which is more to natural look and it is suitable for normally daily outlook and office lady .

This is the tool that you can put on your eyes to see the effect of the false eyelashes.  So convenient and you will never buy wrong .

All the false eyelashes are  100% handmade. The concept of false eyelashes was inspired by japan Keisha.

During the workshop, sensei actually introduce the history of koji and demonstrate the newest collection of the false eyelashes. Sensei was very patient to teach us the technique of wearing and applying the eyelashes correctly.

The step that always skip by most of the girl . Please do massage your false eyelashes genderly.
p/s : Just for the new open false eyelashes. The purpose of this step is to make your new eyelashes softer and more easily to apply on your eye.

So many tester of Dolly wink make up collection. I'm just can't wait to try it all.

The new app which you can download it for free at your apps store. The name of the app is KOJI.

This is the app that helps you to choose the suitable false eyelashes. You can easily find the false eyelashes that matched with your eyes shape.

I'm love the new collection very much because it is so natural. The percentage is refer to the natural effect . Higher the percentage is more towards natural outcome. Mine one is No.3 Basic Nude.

No.3 Basic Nude

The percentage is 85 %. It is clear base strip and thinner tip which is most suitable to daily make up.This is a full version false eyelashes. If you just want to focus on the end of your eyelashes to create an innocent look. Half types of false eyelashes like No 1 ,5 and 6 which represent Pure Smile , Dolly Cat &Angel Style. Each of the percentage is as higher as 90 %.

Beside, they also introduce one very amazing thing which is eyelashes curler. This eyelashes curler is different with the old version because you will not easily clip your eyelid . HAHAAHAHAH. There was a nightmare when you just accidentally clip your eyelid.
Now with the newest collection eyelashes curler , you can clipping it with opening eye and the effect of the eyelashes curler is improve not the 90 degree fake and unnatural looks.

●Bow-shaped curving frame
●With storage case
●Unsuitable for mass production, these special curlers are produced with artisanal skill and attention to detail.

If you have the false eyelashes, how can you doesn't have the eyslashes glue right. Koji is so caring, they even innovate the new "clear eyetalk" which is for sensitive skin .

●Latex free.
●Moisturising ingredient: botanical collagen extract, botanical ceramide(pitera from rice) extrac
The whole set of clear eyetalk including:
There also some refreshment was prepared by Little Pantry .Mine one is Grilled Fish and Mushroom Soup . It is so delicious because I'm actually starving at that time and it was a sinful breakfast.

Beside, I've tried out their volume collection mascara.

The outcome is so amzing and make my eyes looks so alluring and bigger.

Sensei also shows us the process of applying false eyelashes.
Carol& Angeline babes were the role models of the day.

My babes said that the false eyelashes is so comfortable and so natural. They loved it so much.

Finally this long post end with selca :) Bye.

Yours truly, Chency Babe, Amelie Babe

Yours Truly , Angeline Babe

Yours Truly & Sensei .Arigato sensei :)

Enjoy the adv of Dolly wink. She is so pretty and cute. I love her eyes !!! #Dollywink

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