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Saturday, September 28, 2013


          Finally I've some time to update my blog.
Actually I want to buy myself a flower crown or headband long time ago. But everytime when I look at the price I will put the item back because I taught that is a little bit overprice for just simple flower crown cost RM45 ++ .
So suddenly my mind pop up one idea why I don't try to D.I.Y and customized my own Flower crown . Therefore I'm starting do research online and I found that the raw materials for making a flower crown can be so cheap mine one is less than RM10 .

This time instead of taking picture. I've tried to make a video clip for the tutorial.

Let's enjoy!

                                                                    Hope you will like it.                    
                                        Below are some of my selca picture with my D.I.Y flower crown :)
Although that is not the perfect one, somehow this is my virgin masterpiece.

Personally I like white colour flowers :) So I choose the white lace outfit to create a princess look.
Is that any girl dislike flower?
Or maybe some really do, but if your beloved brought you a flower.
You will still happy right?

 Princess wanna be huh? hehehe

Where is my prince?

Dreaming my prince . Good night


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