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Monday, August 12, 2013

Mr Jones Orphanage @ Siam Center

It is a dessert post and food porn spamming your pc screen again.
Bangkok is not just a shopping heaven it is also a delicious food heaven. Seriously I like their food very much !!!! Even have an idea want to migrate to thailand unfortunately I don't know how to speak thai language and only know " sui jing jing"

Mr. Jones Orphanage is the first dessert station . I love the concept . You can see that the owner actually put so many effort in all design . When I stepped inside , the outstanding toy all over there. It makes me think of myself is a child .

Mini soldier!!! I 'm still remember when I was a child this is the popular toys that I used to play with my cousin and I'm sure everyone who have the same generation with me will have familiar with this ❤
Dessert pyramid!! Holly shit so many types of cakes and some of them I ever seen before and some of it was so creative . I act like a child when I saw this jump here and there scream like shit hahaha. Seriously you don't know how I feel if you're not been there.

Kitkak & MnM chocolate!!!!! 

My hubby ordered orange cake .Lol I have no idea why he ordered this ???
I'm just ordered normally authentic brownies== Actually that day I was sick like shit flu ,cough, fever but I don't care just eat lah ;)
Every table will decorate by a little flower.
Teddy bear is placed at every table .So you will never feels lonely . Teddy bear will accompany you .
When I saw the teddy bear .I can't stop capturing picture with the teddy as much as possible eventhough I have a sick face .
The owner really focuson the detail even the beverage container also so memorable .
When you consumed your drink you can spotted that at the bottom of the cup. There stated " don't forget to brush your teeth" 

Like what my mum always nagging me to brush my teeth when I was a child XD

Teddy keep stare on my brownies .Lol

Fluffy teddy said bye bye to you. 
Stay tuned for more bangkok trip update ❤

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  1. Hi, blogwalking here.

    Cool. I recently went to Bangkok too. Went to visit a lot of temples.

    One thing I like about Thailand is that there are a lot of places where you can't smoke in public. Like the Chatuchak Weekend Market :D

    Happy weekend!


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