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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

✿Ma Chérie Shampoo [REVIEW]✿

Bonjour ❤
I want to share with you all my recently new hair hauls. I chopped off my fizzy long hair . I 've no idea how many inches Of my hair have been chopped. 

Well I'm quite satisfied with my newly hairstyle. Actually I'm planned to cut my fiZzy long hair such a long time ago during my campus life❤ but because of some issue I need to wait until now only cut my long hair to short .

Today I would like to share with you my lovely newbie shampoo. I'm actually attracted by the outlook of the shampoo . However there are quite pricy but at last I 'm can't reffuse of it cuteness outlook and nice smell so just brought it. * broke

The main character of today is- Ma Cherie Shampoo from Shishedo & Conditioner ( Air Feel Collection)
Ma Cherie Shampoo 200ml- Rm 22.90/bottle
Ma Cherie Conditioner 200ml- RM 22.90/bottle

 It that cute and adorable? pinkish outlook matched with a little bit vintage style . I choose the Air Feel collection because I want my hair like more air feel and wavy . There is also Moisture Collection which is suitable for dry and damaged hair. For me my hair is consider nice and not dry at all .

With the air feel range , it gives a soft and light as air to your lovely hair and create a full and voluminous .

  • Ma Cherie Shampoo-   champagne honey gelee,  a combination of champagne,   honey and other soap ingredient
  • Ma Cherie Conditioner-  Champagne     Honey      Hydroxyethyl urea     Inositol   Glutamic Acid   Alcohol

The romantic fragrances and doll like sweet feeling totally melted my heart and everytime I feel very happy after washing my hair and the smell just freaking nice and comfort . It is so suitable for girls , just so girlish product  #girlsbeinggirls

After washed my hair , I can feel my hair is more air feel (after blow) and my hair is more dramatically .LOL

 The conditioner will not make your hair so heavy and oily it just helps you rich your hair and more easily to comb it and got a little bit shiny shiny  :)

 Overall I'm just quite satisfied with the outcome . I can said just worth it. If you don't mind to give a try on it . There now having promotion if you purchased more than RM60, a limited addition umbrella will be given .


  1. I had tried these syampoo and conditioner. Agreed that the fragrances/ smell of the syampoo was really great! I like it very much. However, this syampoo doesn't really suitable for oily hair type, I would say.

    1. yaya I like the smell very much :) Hmm I think oily hair people may reduce the amount of conditioner should be ok .
      Thanks you for your precious comment.
      Have a nice day


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