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Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Hi how are you today? I'm pretty fine here currently working under a fashion company as a fashion catalogue coordinator. I'm very satisfied with the working environment and the job scope just totally matched what I'm exactly looking for it. Work hard Play hard.
End of this year I'm finally can go countdown celebration at TAIPEI 101 which I wish to go there since I'm at secondary school .So now instead of sitting at home watch live new year countdown celebration . I can go there and feels by myself .

Back to topic. The place I want to bring you go is the place you must go if you travel to Bangkok. 
Asiatique is an interesting place where combines the night market of Bangkok and other awesome restaurant and of cause the ferris wheel is one of the best travel point.

Take any BTS that near your accommodation .For example mine one is located at Pratunam ,so I took the nearest BTS station which is Siam to Saphan Taksin stop after that take the free shuttle ferry to Asiatique.

Asiatique The Riverfront

Opening Hours: 17:00-midnight
Location: Chareonkrung Soi 74-76 

This is the night view when you almost reach your destination.
A huge ferris wheel is very shine and bright which capture all your attraction.

Around 20 minutes plus, we reached the fantastic place.

When you stepped in the Asiatique, is like a little vintage village with mixed culture, french style and local thai style.

If you got watch HK drama Triumph to the sky. You sure will remember one of the scene that about the legend of the love story with the key and lock.

 Love lock is around 250 thai baht. Is expensive to buy a lock therefore we didn't buy it better save the money to buy clothes . Lol

When you came over Bangkok, seafood is a must right? We choose Chic Grill Seafood lover to enjoy our dinner. Most of the restaurant is full house. We waited for around 10 minutes to get a sit .
I was freaking hungry that time ==''

Seafood !!!!! @@  Can you spotted how big of the shrimp? There are also variety of seafood clams, squids, fish, crab.

 While waiting for the food is serve, self capturing hahahahahahhahahaha..............

What I'm actually looking for ?

Is ferris wheel!!! We sitting just beside the ferris wheel, so you can enjoy the pretty view and delicious dishes.

Waiting ~~~~~~~I'm waiting~~~~~ Just waiting ><

Finally !!!  Coconut as beverage , it was so refreshing ! The coconut at thailand is different with What I'm usually drink in Malaysia.

My favourite TOM YAM KUNG. I swear this is the best tom yam I ever tasted !!! Super awesome. The fragrance and the aroma of the herbs with lemongrass is so outstanding . The balancing between sour and spicy just achieve an equilibrium and perfect.

My expression Arghhhhh~~~~I've no idea why I'm act like that?

Big Shrimp! The texture of shrimp is very fresh and so chewy" duai duai duai~~~" We finished the whole bowl and very satisfied :)

Grilled Squids RM19
This is the must dish. The squids just grilled so nice and perfect not so soft . A little bit BBQ smell when you're having the squids . I've no idea what sauce is that but it matched so well with the squid.

Glass noodles with crab. RM 35
The crab is huge and very fat . The crab meat is just so full with the shell and the glassnoodles is cooked in the perfect way.

I'm scare !!!! But my bf forced me to take a ride with him =='' I hate high place ok.
It is not cheap also to take a ride RM25/perso

You see? My hubby is very excited =='' sweat He is just so adventure but I'm not especially this !!

You see me seat very polite and "guai guai" freeze at there . Stationary phase >,<

Night view picha time :)

Trying Iphone 5 panaroma :) Result not bad also.

After a few round, my heartbeat was stable and become normal, my bf keep pursue me take picture and my expression just so awkward LOL

After dinner, dessert is a must lah. Look what Is catch my attention? Is turkish ice cream .

Oh, yummy yummy ~~~~ Mango flavour is very nice and surprisingly matched well with chocolate ;)

So many eyes capturing items . I love bangkok , why malaysia didn't have such place for me ><
keep blaming

We 're going back with the last shuttle of ferry . If not mistaken is 10:30. If you missed it you need to called taxi already.
See my happy face :) Tadaa

Everyday 7 eleven is the place I must go . You must try the thailand original yogurt ! It is so cheap and super nice. I like thailand 7 eleven. So many nice food is served. Green curry, pork burger, tomyam . All contribute by CP company :)


  1. I want to play the ferris wheel. seems so romantic :)

  2. wooo nice one! i should consider go there if i got go bangkok! =D

  3. yess I love the 7eleven there also

    1. I'm love shop in 7 eleven , hope our malaysia also can like that >,<


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