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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

✿Taiwan Near Ocean Mask- Whitening Gel Mask [Review]✿

Hello, today I ge want to share a good gel mask with all my readers which I recently purchased a couple weeks ago.
Jelly mask is like a piece of hot cake right now in market. I swears many of you sure heard variety brands of Jelly mask. But most of the mask is quite expensive and over my budget. The jelly mask I purchased at ( in reasonable price .Please check out their website for more information.

I'm a person who like to used paper mask and I can't remember the accurate amount of mask that I owned. I like paper mask because it is very convenience especially for me this kind of lazy people. After applied it no need wash the remaining essence and just leave it dry and absorb.

But one disadvantage of using paper mask is costly and the size of the paper mask cannot fit my face very well. For example some detail part of my face the side of the nose .

It took two day for the delivery . So efficient :) 
Between the owner is very nice and patient to answer all the question.
The picture below shown the packaging of the mask.

The gel mask collection including whitening,balancing and anti aging .

Total Amount is 500g .
Wow so big size somemore is in reasonable price. I can used it everyday and put it as thick as possible :)

Coix - Help to reduce dullness of skin
Arbutin- Inhibit the formation of melanin pigment by inhibiting Tyrosinase activity (oxidation of skin) and it is a skin whitening agent which is popular in Japan. It is one of the safest and most efficient whitening materials. 

This is how it look like, transparent gel form with a little bit flora fragrance. I kept it in fridge before used it to improve the result and the cool effect and minimize pore size .

Tadaa, mask ing I put more on my cheek and forehead to balance the skin tone . Please avoid to put on your eye area.
The cool effect is super awesome especially when you have sunburn. It can immediately soothing your sun kissing skin and decrease your temperature .

After 20 minutes, used a spatula to remove the remaining gel mask before you wash your face. This is because usually gel mask is not easy to wash by water.
Used ambient temperature to wash your face until clean :)

I can feels my skin very moisture and really got whitening effect :)
Satisfied with the result.
All the blemish and pigmentation is reduce.

As you can see that my pore size and the blackhead is reduced. After used the gel mask, the blackhead and whitehead is so easy to remove it .

Super closed up on my skin :)

My cutest snapback from Cajoyness :0 I love it so much.
Light make up with my chanel pinky lipgloss .

I'm used it 2-3 times a week and I love the result and texture. Even my bf also used it together with me and he claimed that the gel mask is very good and he always ask me help him to apply when I'm using it.
Doing mask together with your loved one is one of the happiness also. Why don't you share your good with your loved one?
As I ;ve already share my skin care secret to you all my beloved readers.
I'm currently looking for good moisturizer. Any recommend ? Seriously I need it because I'm a typical OL .


  1. Moisturizer use Clinique. Very good review & personally I use it myself too. Very sticky feeling when using it but results super good!

    1. yaya babelaine I go test few moisturizer including Clinique too. I like the gel form :)

  2. Haha... so big bulk, can let u to use for half or one whole year lu...

    1. hahaha yala, can apply many on my face :)

  3. Wondering how is the effect to compare with ePure one. Is it comparable? :D

    1. To Caroline Ng

      Both of them have different function, epure is mostly for moisturizinf purpose while this one is focus on whitening effect minimize the pigmentation :)

  4. Replies
    1. To Mr.Lonely

      Thanks for your support. Kindly follow my blog for more updates :)

  5. hey! I'm using Ocean sheet mask and it's really good! :DDDD

    1. To Angeline Ng

      Ohhh really? I should give a try on the sheet mask too. The gel mask is working well on my skin also :)

  6. I like your hair! =P
    Using epure mask made my face have more pimple. ='(
    Scare to use other product.

    1. To SoonYan

      thanks for your comment.
      This product is very mild . But if you've sensitive skin.
      Kindly consult the owner for more information.
      Have a nice day ahead.

  7. If without putting the gel in the fridge, will it have the cooling effect as well?

    1. To Kelvin

      Putting in the fridge for better result :)
      But if you don't put in fridge it also give you cool effect too.


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