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Monday, August 5, 2013

Random Just Random

Recently I 'm just resigned from my previous company . Yes I'm just resign.
Reason? After graduated, many thoughts come to my mind. What I'm going to be?
What type of job I want? Future? Money? Dream?

I'm quite confusing even crying alone during midnight. I leave my hometown alone and come KL this big city to start  my working life . This feeling is like when the first time I leave my home to study at kampar .I'm still remember very clearly the day before I leave my home I cry, sad, depress ,helpless of cause a little bit excited because finally escape form home and have freedom . Yet I'm still remember the 1st day my english lecturer asked me before what is the most different when u leaving your house? What you get?
My answer is freedom!!

After go through so many things , happy, sad, blessing . So many things suddenly squeezing in my mind. When you studying , u want go to work. But when you work , you realize that the working environment and reality is out of expectation . Culture shock? Colleague relationship ?

A big question mark always appeared in my mind. I hate loneliness , I hate to be alone . But sometime I felt like I want to be alone. When I'm lying on my bed especially at night, I will start thinking What I'm actually want? What I want to chase for? Chasing what I dream or Dream what I chased? Face the reality or continue build up my dream.

Reality is merciless. Sometime I felt like myself so useless and start looking my hand . How I going to use my change my world or make my dream.
I'm just can't do anything sometime when I want to do, but suddenly a devil side me appeared and poured me a big bowl of cool water and stop dreaming , you just nobody who you think you're?

Everytime I crying and feel so helpless who can be my guide? who will be the next who appeared in my life?
Who I'm going to be? 

Who am I?


  1. I'm sorry you feel down today :(
    Maybe you're going through what's called a quarter life crisis!

  2. If that's the case, you should find jobs nearer to your hometown.


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