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Sunday, August 4, 2013

GlassesOnline - Rainie Yang 楊丞琳 inspired make up

* Please read until the end.
My favorite taiwanese artist/singer must be Rainie Yang.  I start to fall in love with her after watched a taiwan drama named as "Devil beside ". After that because of the song "暧昧" I'm start to buy her album and I noticed that she is talented in singing too not just the sweet and cute outlook.

So I went for her concert which held at genting :) I'm so excited to see her real person after loving her so many years.

Of cause I'm able to get her autograph too and proper hand to shake with her . I'm super excited !!!

Rainie Yang is the brand ambassador for Freshxxxx contact lens :) So I choose to do an inspiration look with the sponsored contact lens.


Brand:  Freshkon
Diameter: 14.2mm
Water content: 55%
Colour: Shimmering Grey

I received my sponsored contact lens from GlassesOnline . Thanks you for choosing me as the product ambassador. I choose freshkon -Simmering Grey to create Rainie Yang inspired look :)

First and foremost, I would like to disclose that Rainie Yang make up is more to natural and obvious apple cheek follow by the eyelashes :)

This are the products I used to create Rainie Yang inspired makeup.

Natural and glossy foundation is the main point. I like the Bobbi brown liquid foundation ( warm ivory-01) because the texture is smooth and very light after applied it and not oily . It is suitable for combination skin .

After applied the foundation& make up base (Ted Bakery) and brow. This time I didn't draw the korean style straight eyebrown and make it in natural curl shape .
Brown colour mixed with champaign colour to create more 3D confirmation for the eye and prevent the puffy eyes occured.

A thin natural black eyeliner is drawn make it as thin as possible.

The main point for today Rainie Yang look as we know , the signature sign of the Rainie Yang is the  mole of face right? So how can miss it? I draw myself a little mole on my cheek by using the eyeliner .

In addition, apple cheek is also important in this inspiration look :)
I used the MAC blushes to create the apple cheek because the MAC blushes is sweet pink in colour with a little bit  glossy  effect.  I like MAC blushes and I've been used it for 4 years ;)

Chanel pinky lip gloss as the last touched up for juicy lips :)
Last but not least, Rainie Yang inspired look is done with the contact lens that sponsored by  GlassesOnline .

Trying hard to pose but at last is mirror effect ==''

Anyways hope you guys like my post . Give me a please . Thanks

Personally I think that the mole is also looking good on my face . Self loving Lol...What do you think?
Leave me a comment that which artist inspiration look you want to see? HOHOHOHO... 

As I mentioned at intro of my post , please read until the end is because I have a little gift to all my readers.

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  1. You even wore a purple top and imitate the mole :D Hehehe so cute!

  2. You really quite alike with rainie on the photo you made comparing with each others. haha
    By the way, sweet too :)

    1. Oh really? thanks you so much :)
      Have a nice day ahead...

  3. i love the mole! makes you look more sexy :p hehehe

    1. sexy? hehehe really then I should make myself a mole :)


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