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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Zakuro Japanese Cuisine@ Scott Garden

Sashimi Lovers please look over here. This is the post you can't miss it , hohohoho.
As usual, a boring working day, playing facebook in between and click on the new notification. My babe girl Cindy Tong who date us to have a japanese buffet the coming sunday.

So sorry I'm just went to JOGOYA japanese buffet once only and never been go for other japanese buffet. I'm sure will waste money whoever brings me to buffet. I can't try all kind of dishes and always end up bloated with dessert ==''

I'm used my moody voice* because just start my working life for one week* to ask my bf is that want to go together, surprisingly he said "yes". Then I'm quickly replied to my babe so ON!!!!

Spam my post with those fresh sashimi....devil smile
Aren't you guy mouth watering already, nah napkin give you :)

sashimi is the soul of japanese cuisine, a good sashimi is all depend on whether it fresh or not. Because without any flavouring , the most original taste and texture of the fish is performed.
I 'm scare eating raw food because I hate the "fishy" taste and the "lam bei bei" texture of the fish :)

As I know, my babe Cindy is the person who love sashimi  she is great in differentiate whether the sashimi isn't fresh enough. Since she said it is nice, I shall give a try right* trust her good taste*

Rainbow sushi roll

Tamago, tuna and salmon, octopus

Fire Roll

My favourite Cha Soba

Beef teppanyaki - Me personally think that the beef is overcook but the taste is not bad :0

I like this potato salad* minion soun* POTA TO~~~~~O

Crabmeat salad 



Garlic rice and fried tofu 

Handroll- soft crab, fried enoki * Yummy yummy

A big shrimp tempura.

I hate this pattern shape of fish lol, why her body figure so S shape, sounds jelly ==''

I have no idea what kind of fish hahahaha, I didn't taste it also .LOL 

The chawanmushi is freaking smooth and silky . I can't even bite it and directly swallow it ❤

Personal Photo spam time XD

Tadaa~ happy birthday to you happy birthday to you. OMG, my babes are so sweet , they actually give me a big surprise. I'm totally stunned quite a while only give respond . I'm super duper excited!!!!!!Thanks you babe Cindy and Hweii Chiee for the surprise. I'm freaking touched and love this impromptu birthday celebration that you all prepared for me :)
Love you.
I can't describe how I feel in verbally .

Somehow picture means a thousand word :)
Make a wish....shhh
they asked me what is my birthday wish? I told them "心想事成" is always my birthday wish !!!LOL
because I'm too greedy so many wishlist don't know which items have the 1st priority .
So I hope all my dreams can come true .
Photo credits to

Candid  Shot , I love this so natural and from then picture you all know how happy am I ?

Hey Audrey control a little bit ++''
Laughing non stop 

Alright!! the serious and pattern one is a must 

Dessert time, I've ordered myself a macha ice cream :) It is super nice you can actually taste the bitterness of the macha not the synthetic flavour that we usually ate outside.

 Sesame one also not bad :)

The most funniest thing is Cindy bf Thomas who ordered so many vanila flavour ice cream end up we can't finish and Cindy keep asking him" hey why you ordered so many portion?" 
Thomas face expression was so funny hahahahahahah
make me laugh non stop such a cute couple and then end up Thomas ate all the Vanila flavour ice cream . LOL

Finally, a big group photo of the day #potd.
Seriously, I'm really appreciate what you all did it to me . Other than thanks you  no other words can express my feeling to you all .HEHE

credits to

Last but not least my #ootd
my tatto stocking is a giveaway price from Ringo x Nana
Pony tail


  1. Glad u love this small celebration... U look pretty in that dress! Well hope all ur wishes will come true kay greedy girl?

  2. haha really mouthwatering already! =D

  3. I'm a big fan of cha soba too! :)

  4. i love Sashimi much and it is a must-eat-dish when i visit to Japanese restaurant :P btw nice outfit of yours and i love your hair color so much!


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