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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Taiwan Trip Day 2

Hello, sorry for abandon my blog such a long time, I will try my best to update more frequently.

Let's check it out my schedule of the day :)

Schedule for Taiwan Trip Day 2
Woke up early in the morning, quickly prepared and went to visit "my little panda". This is my first time see panda by naked eye.

How to go there?
- We took Taiwan Metro (内湖线) to  木删动物园

After arrived Taipei Zoo, we queue up to buy entry ticket, it only cost 60NTW/each person.

Finally panda in my real life.
She is so chubby and cute 😍

Bf forced me to take ride of Maokong Gondola .You know I'm afraid of height seriously.

No eyes see!

Well, we arrived at the top of the moutain safely . It was so windy and the cold breeze keep on repeating and makes me fall sick! Poor me just second day and still got one more week to go:(

There was a small tea farm located just a few steps beside the gondola. It was very fun when you eating ice cream during winter .

We took lunch at panda theme cafe , it taste so so only but the theme is sp attractive . Lol typical tourist act 😒

草泥马 so lazy maybe because of winter they are hibernate 。

Silver back gorilla .He is huge in size , it is almost similar size as a teenager 。Don't know why I felt like he is so chio.

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