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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My history of 2012 & New wishes in 2013

Oh yeah this is my first ever post in 2013 :) Well, I'm pass so many  happy cases in the pass 2012. So I'm trust 2013 is going to be a good good year for me .U lar lar~~
Play back my history of the 2012, all the memories is keep flashing back, the year of 2012 was speed like a light
The passed Christmas 2011 , all the Christmas decoration I'm still remember very clearly

I'm still remember last year I was countdown with my dearest @ Sunway Pyramid, the fireworks are so stunning and it just happen nearby me, the memory is still FRESH.
And so fast is the Chinese new year , it is very awesome because I manage to gather with my beloved family,gf , bf and his family tooMahjung is the best communication between me with my gf, bf or even my family,a little bit gambling during CNY can build up the bond more closer with each other 

Me and sweet heart
Me and my dearest sis
Next follow by the romantic Valentine Day, end of 2011 I met my Mr.Right, unfortunately he is unable to celebrate with me during the actual day due to his working and yet Valentine Day is fall on weekday, but the never mind he compensate me another Valentines Day which is so touching and I never felt this way before . What he give to me is a D.I.Y photo album which used to keep our memories and warm scarf and also a big big roses ,I love you my dear

 What I give him is his first bottle of perfume and the cupcakes :)
We  first time try to cook dinner together and is my first time got a man playing cooking MAMA with me 
Here is the outcome

So, I'm start to active my blogging life 
The 1st post to active is my Mc cafe post
I passed my 2012 very packed full with activities,finally I can taste the Nadeje mile crepe

 My first ever couple custom with this guy , we had a nice malacca trip in 2012.

A short trip at genting, finally I can enter CASINO :)

The most unbelievable case happend in the passed 2012 is I went for the Zoo for twice one is the Zoo Negara another one is the Taiping Zoo. Very crazy huh? Am I so animal lover?
 Zoo Negara 

Taiping Zoo
 Penang trip with friends:)

Regarding to my free lancer model life , this year I went a few event and some photoshooting too :)
 Be a Bridal model and thanks to the sponsor for help me do the make up and wear a elegant gaun.
A nice photoshooting, thanks to the photographer help me take the nice photo 
Beside I also had been invited to attend the Esetiawalk Launched event and be  one of the model candidates  and have a awesome party night. For more
 information , can go view
by this link
Esetiawalk Model

 This year I accomplish some of my art piece too
 Oil painting :)
 Handmade Christmas Theme box
A strawberry cheese  birthday cake for my hubby 
Strawberry cheese cake tutorial-links below 

Beside, I'm also done a crazy thing in 2012 , that is I watch 5 movies in the continuously , mean me one week got 5 day non stop  visit the cinema ,hahahahahaahhaa all the  new movie almost watched ;p
Prepare own christmas eve dinner with my dear
Passed a warm Christmas with him and the 1st anniversary
Our commitment for each other 
The memorable day 11.11.2012
I passes my 21th birthday with the romantic plan, thanks for my dear , He plan for my birthday in the few months ago, He bring me to the fine dining restaurant for the tasty dishes and the cake is delivery out from the stuff there , I'm just felt touched for your caring. I;m so in love and enjoy our own sweet time because I hate to be lively and noise and yet u know me well   

And................................ I dip dye my hair to purple too'

In this year I'm able to manage my time to gather with all my GF, birthday party, sing K , dinner, chit chat until midnight , I'm so enjoy the time with all my GF , sweet hug

 During the new year eve , we are going to celebrate it with SUKIYAKI, there is the new place located in Puchong stay tune for my post :
So there is my history of 2012, How about you all? Do you enjoy the 2012, if no then work hard in the 2013 . The most exciting thing going to happen in this 2013 is I'm will officially graduated from UTAR, this is the last semester for me , I'm can't wait for the day to come:) I'm can't wait to step into my working life a new page of my life 

At the End, the wish for my 2013

  1. Graduated from UTAR smoothly 
  2.  Hope my Bangkok trip can be fun
  3. Having a graduation trip with my gang 
  4. Can find a job that I love
  5. Diet plan is work
  6. Bought a new cam / phone
  7. SAVE money to get a new car 
 The End

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