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Saturday, December 29, 2012

❋251212❋ Christmas Day &Les Miserable Review

On the Christmas actual day, me and my hubby are plan to walk out to enjoy the heart warming Christmas atmosphere together. I personally like Christmas the most, the peaceful Christmas songs are singing around , this make people feel that so relaxing and thanksgiving . When heard about Christmas, which item will actually pop out in your mind? For me is the Christmas tree, snowflakes and Santa Claus. So to match the Christmas, I'm choose to wear a reddish orange dress with the greenish eyeliner to celebrate this awesome festival :)
We're heading to the pavilion , the theme for pavilion is full with golden and red colour match with the child's fairy tale-pumpkin cart, Well just enjoy the pictures

The One Utama theme is the Sugar Rush theme full of the candy, cupcakes, donut, swissroll, ice cream , they all are super in size, very cute, Girl should be very like it :)

Follow by the paradiagm mall , the theme is the Cinderella Theme, is the blue match with the silver colour and got a little castle set up at there , I'm feel like myself is a princess too

The next is the point for why I want to post today, this is the musical movie named as Les Miserable, this is a super nice movie , it is very touching, I swear I'm crying badly in the cinema. This musical movie represents the people who live in France during 1815 and the stories that the people so faithful to the GOD. 
WARNING : spoiler below 
Before I do my review, let me introduce the character inside the movie.
Anne Hathaway as Fantine 
Hugh Jackman as Jean Valjean
Russel Crowe as Inspector Javert
Amanda Seyfried as cosette
The story begin in 1815 , Jean Valjean, a former prisoner who becomes mayor of a town in France. Valjean agrees to take care of Cosette, the illegitimate daughter of Fantine, and must avoid being captured again by Javert, a police inspector. In the movie, Fantine is so pity due to her beauty is jealous by the other workers in the factory and let people wronged and force her to leave the factory, but then Fantine needs the salary to get back her daugther Cosette, to get back her daughter, she go to sell her pretty long hair, teeth and finally become a prostitute. The scene in the movie can shows that the love of the mother to her daughter and will do anything for the daughter,even become a prostitute.

Unfortunately, she dead due to overload for work, before she dead she told the mayor(Jean Valjean) to save her daughter named Cosette, Cosette who is the little girl work as a maid and abused by the buyers. The Jean Valjean do what he promise to the Fantine go to the place and redeem back Cosette and promise her to become her father and treat her like his own daughter, Jean Valjean felt so guilty of her mother dead because her mother dead is because of his careless in manage the  relationship between employess. In a meanwhile, the inspector Javert is keep on chase the Jean Valjean, because he assume that if a person who make a crime, in the rest of the life he will keep repeat the same thing and will not change,so the inspector promise to himself and swear want to get the Jean Valjean into jail again.Jean Valjean is suffer in the jail for 19 years just because he stole a bread for his sister son, DAFUQ! I can't believe it
Beside, the citizen in France also make revolution for their country, I'm very salute to their brave and their passion to their country, they all come from different background of family but then they have the same target which is want the country become the fair enough to everyone and everyone have the power and become their own king . But then, all the bravo at the end is dead, there have a scene that make me very touch, if you want to know ,please go watch this movie !!!
They also include some romantics love story inside, they have a people who sacrificed herself for her lover.
The main point I will cried is because the Jean Valjean put so much love to the Cosette and save her lover Marish just because he want Cosette live happiness , so he hide himself at the church and not dare to told the real story to Cosette he just scare Cosette can't accept the fact and will blame him for this passing year. 
He is DEAD in front of them on their wedding day!!!!!!!! 
So touch, he kept his promise to Katine even he dead and protect Cosette by using his whole life T.T 

There is the song that i love so much "I dreamed a dream ", this movie I highly recommend for you guys is a MUST do list in 2012.

The End


  1. You should've warned about spoilers ahead before writing the review! ><

  2. I'm just try to share what I feel after watch it, doesn't mean anything about the spoiler :)


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