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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

❋A Warm Christmas Eve Dinner ❋

HOHOHO~ Christmas is passed :( how sad , These post is regarding my christmas eve dinner..How was yours.I'm definitely enjoyed my delicious and awesome night. So as we planned earlier, me and bf will try to prepare our own  christmas eve dinner this year. Then, we go One Utama to grab all the ingredients. We are planned to cook grilled lamb &beef, potato soup, mashed potato, caeser salad and the bacon with enoki ;)
We started to prepare our dinner from 3pm something .Why we start so earlier? Because we need to marinate the meats with the BBQ and Gravy sauce for one and a half hour :) and the potato is take time to make it soft.
Here we go , our preparation 
The yummy lamb
Mashed potato with cream cheese
BBQ beef 
Here is the outcome for our christmas eve dinner,Its look awesome right,all is homemade by me and bf
Bacon wrap with enoki (teriyaki suace)
BBQ beef
Grilled Lamb
Caeser Salad with a little bit cheese cube inside

Creamy potato soup 

The beverage for that night, how can miss the alcoholic drink for a party 
Dessert of the day , choco log cake
The deer should be Reindeer lol >< but anyway this little deer looks cute too :)
Omg, I'm just can't wait for craving the yummy dishes ,slurps mouth-watering *p/s please lend me a napkin :p
My naked face with the snowy log cake, felt so shame with my naked face
The last session is the gift exchange time , the 1st gift i received is the Starbuck Christmas theme tumbler, I love it so much ;) 
The next is the SEPHORA BLOCKBUSTER, will blog it soon ya, stay tuned my friends 
 The present I prepared for my dear, is my D.I.Y box , My own piece of artwork
Hope you will like it my dear, this is the only one in the whole world and not for sale too, hehehehehehe
And yet, we have celebrate our 2nd christmas , I'm want to keep on celebrate with you in coming years.So, how are you guys celebrate for Christmas? 
Let'me wish all of you Merry Christmas❋ again XD
The End

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