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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

éSetiawalk Magazine Launched &Model Hunt Audition Event @SetiaWalk Puchong

Recently I went for an event that organized by Setiawalk @Puchong. When I checked my mail, I'm so excited that I'm shortlisted as one of the model candidate for the future eSetiawalk magazine.For your info eSetiawalk is an E-book.The link is shown as below
Since I'm shortlisted, I have been invited to join the eSetiawalk Launch Party, I'm just want to look sassy on that day:)
On 8th Dec 2012, 7pm

We have to register first before we get entries for the party 

The stage is decorate like a wardrobe and this is the VIP seat
The seat for me and hubby :)
There are serve some of the finger snack, OMG seriously I'm mouth watering that day because haven't take the dinner
The Sushi sponser by Sushi TEI
A cute fruit tart 
Hmm? Grilled chicken

A beautiful vintage car is parking at there, it is PINK colour ,so adorable
Studded Tube Top - F-block
Maroon Skirt-Cotton On
Golden Purse-Kitchen
Black Platform-Cotton On

My dressing code for the party ,the full body picture 
Oh yeah, party rocking!!The DJ is awesome with the mixing of all the music and make the party more high, He also mixed BIG BANG-FANTASTIC BABY ...BOOM SHAKALAKA
The model for the 1st issue eSetiawalk magazine
The 1st issue and the 2nd issue models, so pretty 

The close up for my make up that day, FULL make up except the fake eyelashes, Fall in love to my pink lip

The cocktail that prepared for us to enjoy 
Our food hunting outcome, sorry ya it looks like a little bit messy ;(
The spagetti, just a little portion but it just nice 

The dessert,I'm already full that time so can't finish

My fatty arm>< Argh is time to diet 
Too bad , it's raining ,so that we just can stay and take a rest waiting for the rain to stop at starbuck .LOL
Self-Loving #1
Self Loving #2

Thanks GOD, the rain is finally stopped, then is the opening performance, the fire man make me very excited and worry,even me also can felt the heat of the flame,BRAVO and finally they swallow the flame inside their mouth >< Heart attack
Follow by the instrument performance, they hand must be very pain because keep on beating on the drum,but they look like so enjoy ==

The 1st issue model is finally appeared, they look attractive on the stage like a pop star
Both of the host keep said the LAME joke,make me and hubby sweat enough, but anyways they are force to do that .
Sorry, is my personal captured time again ;p
My man who accompany go anyways, Love you my dear and thanks you

Finally, is our couple portrait as the post ending,I'm really enjoyed this event as me is the 1st time to participate this time of event, looking forward for the next ;) Stay tuned for my face appear on the E-magazine ya, I promise I will do my best
Enjoy reading, kindly drop me a comment and join my site

Good night


  1. When are you going to appear in E-Magazine yea? XD... i can wait no longer... XD...

  2. hehehehe, when I get confirm then will let u know soon :)


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