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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Penang Bridge~ with lovely friends

These short semester is passed, so fast I'm gonna have my last sem in UTAR and end my degree study life :) These Penang trip is without any planning can called that contingency or uncertainty plan?Teehee, anyway I'm still very enjoyed in this trip .

Since the title is named as "Penang Trip" , food is a must LOL. How can I miss that right? *devil smile*
Please prepare your napkin as well

# Yam Rice with Stewed Pig # "Tian Ji" Porridge # Salted Fish Fried Toufu

#Coffin Toast Box # Fried Jawa Mee #Curry Mee #Loh Mee# Pan Mee

#Kuey Chap

#Hokkien Mee

#Pig Intestine Noodle
This is quite different compare with what I eat at Ipoh due to inside there got put shrimp paste with tomato sauce
The taste is very surprise and amazing :)

At night, we chilling at Starbuck @ Auto city
Self -loving pic just kindly ignore my naked face T.T

1,2,3 say cheese my girls :)

#peppermint mocha#caramel without caffeine # green tea frappuccino (mine) #Java chips
Green tea always my first choice with no doubt at all 

#me #catherine with cute hello kitty spec#Jocelyn #Bryant our dedicated photographer

The next day, we wake up at the early morning just because of the Ernest Zacharevic's wall paintings in George Town,enjoy the following Mural Art. Why we do that, because there will have a long queue during weekend!! 
  #1 The siblings with the cycle ,I have no idea how to post hahahaha x)

Can you see that? My friend posing just make me laughing non stop, like that also can ? thumb up!!salute to him

#They said me try to pull the child hair,Am I?

Personally think this picture is so funny and very creative enough LOL

 #The child with bike
 # Hey child, u're not enough high to grab that bottles ,let me help you :)

#Hey sis, please let go your big bud ,hahahahahaha I don't care I just want to force you all sit with me 

The coming next station is -Chew Jetty

 So many souvenirs are sold at there, everyone of us just so busy "shopping"

This picture is quite hard for all of us to snap , you know why because the floor is damn hot and I can felt that my bud is sunburn and fried on a hot pan ><

#Ops the Mural art is started to spoil already due to its located near to the sea , so faster plan your time go visit the Mural Art , if not you definitely will regret 

Our Octogan star :) 

 #Our tired foot :( after finish walked the whole heritage of Penang and I'm sweat like hell, I had never sweat like that before even when I'm doing exercise . I can felt that sweat is eluted slowly at my back ><
But then I'm still pretend nothing happened and continue to enjoy with my buddies:)

 #Take 1

#Can you do that? I know is ugly ==
Our final destination is Penang Hill, honestly I haven't went there before , quite out date lo me T.T
Before we take a ride of the cable car

After step in the new cable car.Oh gosh, its include the air-conditioner inside ,It's awesome 

#I don't know why my friend do this , since all of us so serious with our peace posing ==
p/s: hey JR please take care your idol image

#The cable car is depart, Arghhhhhhhh.. It's very fast man but then one of my friend still can sleep at there, totally speechless :0

#The view

#After 15 minutes, we reach the top of the hill :) everyone looks very excited
Opp Opp Opp Oppa Gangnam Style xD

My new baby owl , its look so adorable:)

Cam whore-ing

 The awesome , attractive night view of Penang, with the wind blowing .Its so relaxing I totally forget our final is coming soon T.T

We can pattern always in any time anywhere....Friends forever  
The End

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