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Monday, December 10, 2012

A night date with the ocean @Bubba Gump &Life of Pi

Annyeong Haseyo! 안녕하세요,  when you all saw my title and look at my post and curious why didn't have any sea side picture .How come I will named as "A night date with the ocean"  so be patient ya , let's me explain to you. It is so coincidence that the dinner that I ate that day and movie that I watched is all related to the sea/ocean :)

We choose to have our dinner at Bubba Gump @ Sunway Pyramid since me and my bf are craving for prawn  so much and my bf is totally lost control and can't stop eating when the Mr/Ms Prawn is appeared.Okay, stop maundering. Just enjoy the pictures 

When I blogged it , my saliva is flowing in my mouth make me mouth-watering and can't wait to visit again !!!   b(^_^)d

The menu cover is a cutie prawn  
self loving (^_~) 

This means by  we temporary no need serve by the waiters . 

Order please :) after changing to the red sign  



The ceiling that look inside the little wood cottage 

It's full with Christmas decoration already :) 


 My boy also want to cam whore LOL

Shrimper's Net Catch 300g with mixed flavor, I like the garlic more  

 The close up, see how juicy is it?

Nom nom, yummy!! 

Run chicken Run Spagetti  , this amount is so big and enough for 2 person ,LOL

 Bourbon street catch of the day

Can you spot that? the little prawns are arrange nicely in one straight row :)
After having meal, we are going to enjoy the currently popular movie-Life of Pi, my bf keep recommend me this is a nice movie and even himself already watched 2 times already.He force me to watch that ><

 The most beautiful scene is this, the jelly fish is glowing under the sea 

The most excited part when I saw trailer is the huge whale turn around and jumping out from the sea.Its looks so amazing! 

And this is the first time I try IMAX-3D ,look at the super big 3D spec ><

At the centre court, there was the Christmas decoration,I'm still remember last year is the big snow ball hanging on the christmas tree. But then this time is more about the Southeast Asia theme, all the decoration is mostly based on the colourful mosaic.

 A huge present, who can give me such a big present? Santa Claus ? May I

The End

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