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Friday, December 7, 2012

The End of the ChaPter -DeGreE

Woohoo!Finally is my turn to graduate already, since last time I saw many people posted about their convocation picture,I felt very jealous and keep asking when is my turn?

So here we go, the suits is too large for me ,my friends keep laughing me look like "HARRY POTTER" 

The theme we choose to had our graduation photoshooting -Paint worker
This shows that everyone is a paint worker to paint their Uni life with variety types of colour, to make the Uni life more colourful and joyful :)

Ofcause, cam whore is a must for a girl :)
Me and Miss Anne

Me and YD Salvatore -The handsome guy in our class

My pretty babes girl ,I like this pic so much :)

Ours again :)

Mr. Bryant , He s one of my bro in Uni who always take care me a lots 

Mr.Kaijun-He always ask me about the fashion opinion and he is the one who always said me so short ><

Mr.Weijian-My sing K kaki in kampar, his sound is really like 品冠&李圣杰

Mr.KC, the biggest surface area in our class, always joking with me and make me laughing non-stop
He said to me my face look much more smaller when take picture with him ,so FUNNY
Me &Ms Elaine- The most sassy girl in our class :)
Ms Jocelyn-My bestie in class(the girl who wear blue shirt) , thank you for take care me and cheer my life when I was down
    Ms Catherine-The girl which I always share our relationship moment and have the same interest (Bunny talk)
Both of them , is the friends that me can share anything and even sleep together in one room without feeling any awkward (pillow talk is awesome)
Mr.JR-My bestie&most handsome (bro) ever in my Uni , he always said to me "just ignore whatever others said to you, just be youself"-quote(JR) 
The most awesome is we have the same interest which is Sing K,He is a BigFan of G-Dragon

Our formal Look, just ignore my ugly foot I just forget to bring my heel
The paint workers :) All of us is looking good, 
Mr.Kokv-This pic u 're the most 抢镜 LOL
With the background - just simply edit

I was very happy that , I had spend a lots of fun with you all, this is the pic we took when we went to Taiping Zoo

The next post is about my short trip with my friends :0
Stay turned,
                    Enjoy reading


  1. ur last pictures the one piece red skirt looks great on u. may i know where u got it?

  2. Thanks for your sincerely praise, the one pieces dress I bought at VOIR outlets (brand named G&H)
    Thanks for viewing my post :)


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