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Friday, November 30, 2012

TiPsy Brew O' Coffee @SetiaWalk

These post is definitely suitable for those coffee lover. However, I'm not a coffee lover and I'm also allergy to the caffeine , I just felt hardly to understand why they so in love with coffee or even addicted to it..
Specially  Thanks for my bf mother's and brother who bring me to this coffee house ,appreciate it very much. We choose the TiPsy Brew O' Coffee @Setiawalk to enjoy our high tea session.


There are the menu with different type of the coffee , every type of the coffee is prepared by variety way such as the siphon, french press and hand -dip. 

The environment at there is really relaxing, and the smell of the coffee just can't stop blowing to ur nose :)

#The counter

#The small lounge bar style seat is provided

#It 's just so creativity design 

#They even shows the steps of "How to prepared the coffee" with the comic style on the wall

The dessert, looks yummy

#The beverage menu

#Take 1

#Take 2

#The beautiful owner is busy prepared our coffee, she is so pretty too :)

#The coffee bean that you can smell it 

#mocha praline Do you spot that? a cute bunny is beside the cake

#mocha praline

#costarica marble choc cheese , Snoopy is sitting here too

#costarica marble choc cheese, the close up

#Chicken pie

The coffee bean smell is just so refreshing

The coffee is comes with the sweet biscuit to neutralize the bitter 
The 1st one is the Colombia Meso de Los Santo 

It prepared by using the French Press method.

 #Java Arabia Coffee , It is prepared by using the siphon method , this is a little bit sour :(

Finally is the CosTa Rica Finca Genisis , if I want to choose I definitely will choose the Colombia with no doubt at all.

Camwhore #ootd
Random pic for my dear
For more information

Mon-thus 11:00am-10:30pm
Fri-Sun  10:00am -11:30pm

Can "like" their Facebook page for the new updates


  1. I thought u're allergy to caffeine?; yet you thanked them for bringing u to this coffee house. wtf is goin on??? scooby dooby doooo

  2. yaya, i'm allergy to caffeine but then i din allergy to the coffee smell somemore i just thanks to them for the opportunity to visit this nice coffee house lol somemore i didn't get to taste just based on what they told me.

  3. Niyen, you don't have to reply this anonymous. Why explain yourself to this kind of person? Just ignore them :-)

  4. angie, u're are true, sometime some people are used to be a troublemaker :) thanks you for your cheer ღ

  5. hey Anonymous #1,
    pls la... ppl like to go to smell the aroma of coffee and enjoy the enviroment nid u to approve? if u really dnt like her blog y u come and read it ? wat purpose u up to ? stalker ? or u wan to help someone to do so 'good' work.
    u really a "mature" ppl lo... if u dare come to confess who u are... dnt use anonymous WRITE down UR name ... haiz... u really "HERO"...

  6. Bryan, don't need to say them la.. they are trying to be a kid, so don't argue with kid :-)
    Niyen, haters gonna hate. :-) they are trying to make you feel what they say, so don't let them succeed. All the best in your final exam!:-)

  7. From what I can understand from the post which Niyen shared, her appreciation to them is because of the nice high-tea place that being suggested. There's nothing wrong there. For those who are really a coffee-lover, definitely they will like this place very much, just simply with such a good environment for relaxing and chilling.

  8. Angie , good luck to you for the coming final exam ;)
    Jennifer , thanks you for the support:)appreciate it very much


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