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Monday, May 6, 2013

Awet Thai Cafe @ Bandar Puteri Puchong ( non-halal)

Hi dude, Happy holiday to me ....Yes, finally I'm finished my final exam and the most excited thing is I will not be sit for another exam again...I'm free!
Yesterday, I was very upset :( . Honestly ,I felt shame to tell other I'm malaysian.  Earth hour ?  no electric supply? WTF....such a nonsense ...Sorry to be rude, I thought Earth hour already pass?
What kind of country like this? I felt very disappointed and I even crying like shit alone at my room and felt super depressing to our lovely country. Please give a fair and clean election to us. Our next generation future gonna spoil. I'm still not understand why those people will keep on support this kind of ministry? Is that any benefit they given to you all?  A few hundreds ringgit enough for you to survive for the coming five years. Oh please  why you all so short- sightedness...

Okay stop grumbling now. Let me share with you guys some mouth watering Thai cuisine. 
I like thai cuisine very much especially their TOM YAM. Therefore in the coming Bangkok trip I swear I will try my best to test all the tom yam ..
*Kindly introduce me some of the nice places to eat at BKK

Today targeted restaurant is AWET Thai Cafe which is located in Bandar Puteri Puchong. This possibly not my first time to come here and actually when I craving for tom yam. This place will definitely pop out in my mind :)

 As we wait to be seated, I'm noticing large amount of crowd in the restaurant.
The place is partially air-conditioned. Even without air-conditioning the place felt comfortable enough. 
The dishes captured into images into the menu, so you'll have an idea what you're expecting later. 

This is a standard tea served to everyone at the restaurant. Fragrance to the nose with a very slight hint of taste to the mouth. Suits well as a light refreshment with the heavy thai-style food. 

My all-time favourite, tom yum with seafood. A perfect tom yam find balance between spiciness and sourness and at Awet Thai Cafe, it hits the balance just right. Not too polarize to one or another. 

Tom yum soup is the best soup that opens up your appetite for the incoming feasting! Worth every penny of RM18 paid. 

Thai-style fried kai lan. We decided not to offer the sambal/spicy version as the other two dishes is already spicy by itself. At first glance, it seems to stems is surprisingly huge but it turns out it is cooked well enough for it to be soft and chewable. 

Coconut otak seafood served in a carved out coconut finished with a dash of coconut milk. You'll not see this dish in your typical restaurant as it is coconut flesh cooked with otak paste, chili paste and seafood (prawns, squid etc). I've always associate coconut flesh to something sweat instead of salty, but surprisingly coconut flesh works in this dish. 

The combinations of these ingredient tingles your taste buds as your get various different texture from this dish, the softness of coconut flesh, tenderness of seafood and also the the stirred fried otak with herbs. 

It is absolutely delicious. 

Next up, meal completion with dessert. Bad thing is that they serve this before even main dishes came. By the time we decided to indulge it, most of the ice has already melted. It also tasted somewhat bland, perhaps due to all the melted ice has diluted it. 

For more information, check out their Official Website 

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