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Friday, March 15, 2013

Chicago Ribs House @ One Utama

Fuuuuuuu..........just finished test. And finally today is friday ! Scream. TGIF.  Is time to blogging again, normally blogging can help me release stress. Yes, I'm super duper stress now due to so many works need to follow up and yet a lots of tests are following me, cry cry. But today since is FRIDAY night, I don't want to spoil all of yours mood. I swear I'm not doing anything related with my education ><  Ok, stop taking nonsense...bla bla bla. 
Tonight main dish is PORK RIBS
Location: Chicago Ribs House @ One Utama

  The Menu, WOW, Pork Ribs is their highly recommend dish and stated there"Our famous Pork Ribs" So how can I missed the chance , mouth watering. 
When I'm step inside the restaurant, I’m just can saw that there are so many people are having their delicious dinner and happy hour. We waited for 15 minutes, to get our seats while my stomach actually is starving , bf suggested to eat Ramen if need to wait so long. Because he scared me will gastric , sweet sweet bf :) But then I'm attracted by the pork ribs and my soul already get stole by the pork ribs . Therefore, no choice, we have to wait then. 
 Spot the pepper bottles? 
Kids can eat free everyday ,  I wish I'm still a kid then my food can be FOC.

Suddenly, my bf said he spotted my portrait on the wall, then I'm turned around and look . A big Pig  portrait is hang over there. I'm totally speechless and give him a sweat face ==''. However, the portrait is quite interesting also because it stated out all regions of pork and even describe the texture.

My sad and hungry face :( while waiting for the food 

But then, my bf is keep looking the menu, so greedy huh? 


Look at the sexy body figure of the pork ribs,  so adorable. We actually ordered only half portion of pork ribs. Next time , I want the whole set of pork ribs :) Its come along with mashed potato and coslaw. We choose BBQ sauce( there are variety of sauces you can choose) 
The feeling is just awesome , just like the picture shows at above. 
 Here we go, another dish we ordered is Tenderloins with raisin sauce . It is a little bit chewy the sauce is sweet and sour. I'm more prefer PORK RIBS

The close up picture , so juicy ...the meat is sparkling LOL.

After you bill, there even give you some sweets as refreshment . So good.
Their service is not bad too.
We spent the deal we brought at Groupon. Therefore all the dishes cost only RM30.

 To get more information. you can log on their Facebook page.
If you want to have lunch at there, recently there are having the promotion for set lunch that cost only RM14.90 8 Free soup and bottomless drink( refill non stop ) 


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