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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Valentine Celebration Part II ( Burps & Giggles)

 I know Valentine is passed almost one month and yet me still blogging about my valentine celebration,  please forgive me because last time Valentine Day is accidentally bump with the CNY.  We're so busy celebrating CNY  instead of Valentine LOL..... * devil smile*
                                 Another excuse for celebrate Valentine again , HOHOHO

This time I dress up myself as a little princess, but seem like not suit me ler >< Failed !!!
We having our brunch at Burp& Giggles 
Yeah, so familiar right? I blogged it before when it just open at IPOH,
We are visit 2nd time again due to Bf craving for smoked salmon dish... My first impression for this restaurant not that good because there is limited choice for food. 
But then surprisingly , this time they add on so many foods in the menu :)
And then, they also expand the place already ( three shops width)
The interior design , I'm just skipped it because last time introduce already. So you may see it at below link :

My bf always is a caffeine addicted person, so he ordered Latte as his beverage . Mine is COKE :) (COKE loyalty fan)

 While waiting for the food, me just spent the time with my babycam , hehehehehehe
The food is on the table, so efficient .
Mine one  is  HOT SPUNDS categories
It is a steam potato with chicken bolognese, cheese top with sour cream # spring onion 

I love cheese !!!

Smoke Salmon Bagel , yummy yummy mouth watering now ><
The most cute thing is there has a half boil egg at the top, the texture of bagel is definitely different with bread because I'm not a bread lover . The egg yolk mixed with the bagel is extremely awesome . The smoke salmon is damn fresh MAN!! Normally I will not take any SHASHIMI and I hate those rancid smell >< but then this smoke salmon totally doesn't have this kind of smell . I like it  *Thumb up*

Strawberry and vanila ice cream crepe . There have two categories of crepe which is savory and sweet
When the cold ice cream meet the hot crepe , when the sweet vanila meet the sour strawberry , such an amazing chemical reaction occur in my mouth ... I'm craving for this seriously

I felt so sweet when I look at this , thanks you bf for the pretty and adorable roses , I love it so much

And yet you're the person who know me well except my parents , You know me feel so upset when I lost the bracelet that my mother give me as my 12th birthday present. So you just go and search around and finally u found one which is quite similar with the old one , so touching lo , Why you so sweet ? XD

Its  fix me well and look nice , happy happy :)

Thanks you for brought my baby 5 a new shirt , its look so elegant and still the same I would like to say YOU KNOW ME VERY WELL . I remember me only said quite nice in once time when we pass through the shop , but too bad u forget to bring to me but at least I know what you did and I'm very appreciate :)

After Bla bla bla, that all for my valentine post
Have a nice day


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