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Monday, June 24, 2013

WHY U Need a Massage???- The Butterfly Project

When mention about massage what word will directly popping out in your mind?
For me it will be RELAX... Ohhh I need a massage right now.

Ambience plays an important role, a peaceful and great aroma will some softness music and dimmed light will be the best :)

Why I need a massage?

Honestly who doesn't need a massage when you're living in this hectic city life. Stress will spontaneously and immediately attack you without any notification. Stress is killing me especially now I'm fresh graduated. I'm seriously unemployment , I'm feeling depressing and stress and not sure what I'm going to work as?
Each of the decision  make me very stress and I need to shout out and say I need a massage !!!!!
I'm miss the massage when me in bangkok, shopping until very tired and then straight away go massage I'm missing that feeling . Please I want that feeling again .

May I???? Shining eyes with tear  @@

Thanks for The Butterfly project who so understanding and always pampering us such a wonderful project . Last but not least we need to thank to the collaborator who put so many afford to organize this massage party :)
 Amante Nail Spa and body Care having a lot of good reputation and I can't wait to try their professional massage Kung Fu and make myself a princess hand with trendy nail art . Day dreaming...

Photobooth Malaysia who will be customized based on the client requirement I'm sure that the photobooth will be set up very nicely, Girls being girls....Cam whore time will decorate items provided, I'm sure that my camera will bloated and run out of battery , Instagram spam spam spam and now Instavideo somemore...
Spam my fb, twitter wall .
Ask Joey-The sweetest Party will definitely throwback some childhood memory because they just provided some of the snack that we used to be addcited when we're a child.... warm and caring.
Click "like " to those awesome sponsor and get information and updated new ,xoxo
Ask Joey- The sweetest party
Amante Nail Spa &Body Care
Photobooth Malaysia


  1. Thanks for joining and all the best dear :) I like the cute gif there! <3

  2. To illy ariffin
    Thanks you for loving it :)


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