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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Cefenere Total Skin Makeover in just 7 days

First of all I would like to thanks Cefenére to give me this opportunity to try their skincare product which is "Total Skin Makeover in just 7 days" sounds so miracle right ?
Okay let's kick start and see how my result after consumed their product for two week plus :)
 There are fair-passion and acne formulation. After consulted with them, I choose to try the fair -passion series. Who doesn't want to be snow white who have a fairer and snowy skin.

The steps is very easy just 3 steps:
  • Clean your face with cleanser
  • Apply a thin layer of E-sense Serum and smoothen it evenly
  • At morning, just apply clarifying sunshield (sunblock).In contrast apply a thin layer of Ultralizing Cream.

Just three simple steps , you can get a flawless skin
Day 1- totally naked face without cosmetic contact lenses, foundation, BB cream 
You can see that uneven skin tone of my forehead and cheek and a little bit pigmentation.

Day 4- After apply the clarifying sunshield , I can see that my skin is become smoother and shiny somehow my pigmentation have been reduced but I don't know I got become fairer anot? Be patient ...hehe. The sunblock is not sticky and it looks like me just apply a layer of light base but seriously I didn't .

Day 7- One week passed, I bring along the sample to bangkok,  naked face to Bangkok skybar because I'm lazy to apply makeup at the night .So I'm just put on the skincare with the Ultralizing cream and Esense serum. After I came back and check out the photo and spot that my skin looks so smooth and fair . I'm loving it .
Bangkok is very hot after a whole day out, I put on the Aloe Vera mask shooter which is the emergency treatment for my dehydrated skin. It promotes the moisture retention and boost up the water content level and even Aloe Vera can stabilize my sun kissing skin.

Day 13- Just apply a medium layer of clarifying sunshield and eyebrow make up. Look!!! I'm fairer than before the 1st picture. It's amazing . My boyfriend also praise me that my skin is really become fairer. I'm so happy to see the result and getting to snow white dream closer and closer.

I'm really happy with the result and will continue to use it  and sharing with you more about the product information :)
Woohoo, I'm a happy girl who love my skin now.
 Me really seldom do skincare review because I want to bring to you all the good products and sharing my own experience with you . I will giveaway a few samples set to you soon so stat tuned for my giveaway post and stay pretty together . 😍For the people who has acne problem, don't worry they have acne formulation product also . You may consult them through their facebook as shown as below to get more information:


Official Website:


  1. The products seem good! Your skin texture looks better dy. Hehehehe.... Gonna try it when i got the chance!

  2. To Jocelyn
    Hehe thanks for your comment but my skin last time also not that bad hahahahahahhaha ❤❤❤❤ but after consuming this product my skin really become smoother and better lah stay tuned my coming post lah I will giveaway few set samples😊

  3. It seems really effective! Looking forward for the giveaway! :))

  4. To Evonne Pang
    Yup, not bad ler :) Stay tuned for the coming post

  5. How much it cost? Looking forward for the GA (^______^)

  6. To ciksuzlin
    You can check through their website ya there got state out the price and function or u may consult them through fb they are very friendly to help you .stay tuned for my giveaway ya 😍


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