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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Lammeeya @ Solaris Dutamas ,Publika

Have you heard about Lammeeya before? Or you try their food before? For me I always pass by Lammeeya when shopping at Paradiagm mall because I'm not a person who love Lam Mee actually. Therefore, this is my first time to try on Lammeeya food, so outdate hor? Thanks for Lammeeya and Nuffnang invitation to give me a chance to have meal at Lammeeya.
Outfit and Make up Checked :)

Lammeeya is served Malaysian Chinese cuisine except Lam Mee they do served a lot of chinese cuisine , I was shock because I'm missunderstanding them for quite a long time =='' I taught there served Lam Mee only . There served the most simple dishes but with good quality ingredients such as soy sauce, oyster sauce . This definitely will remind us of home and our loved ones. For the people who not lived in homwtown due to work and reality you'll definitely miss your home meal when you're away from home.
There are many choices rice, porridge,vege,soup noodles and light snacks. You can come over here with bunch of friends chit chatting, chilling and of cause "choi sui". Not forgetting to try their signature drinks Royal Milk Tea and sugar free 100% fruit juice.

 You must try their concoctions of fruit juice which can helps you detox and some of them can even act as weight reducer .

I ordered Lychee x Watermelon which can provide you energy and vitamin C. Since they mentioned it is sugar free and 100% fruit juice so I can drink it without any worries . It's so refreshing and I like the lychee flavor just so nice mixed with watermelon. :)

Okay Let's me show you some awesome dishes !

First is the soup collection which is including cucumber soup, lotus soup, ABC soup,  ginseng chicken soup, white carrot soup and watercress soup.
Rm 8.80 per bowl except Ginseng  chicken soup is Rm12.80

I'm a soup lover personally I like the ABC and Cucumber soup because this make me think of my mum homemade soup. My mum is the one who made the best soup in the world !!So no one can replace it , but I would like to mention that those soup is without MSG so it is healthy to consume it.

The close up of the Ginseng chicken  soup

Here come to the home sweet home dishes which will reminding you your mummy cooking dishes :)
Start from the left Ginger omelette, sweet&sour pork,stew pork potatoes, Sesame oil ginger pork, Steam eggplant and the middle one is my favourite Salted egg squids and it is also only available in solaris dutamas branch. It is so crispy and crunchy with a very strong smell of salted egg. High recommend this !! Thumb up.

Photo spam time featuring the close up :)

The second collection which is steam and porridge series .

Bonito Oyster porridge RM16.80
Me personally is an oyster addicted person so I'm freaking like this porridge and it matched well with bonito also.

Steamed pork with black bean, Steamed pork with "DONG CHOY",Steamed pork with salted fish .

This one is a very high cholesterol and fat - Lard Steam Rice
But I'm totally can't refuse it, I'm scare being fat please :(

"zhu yao zha" is so big in size LOL
* Attention for those old people and have high cholesterol patient please kindly do not take this ok this is for your own good just take the normal rice :)

Again, their signature LAM MEE, I'm not a person who like the thick and sticky gravy stuff and mee is not my favourite. I'm prefer glass noodles :) But the taste still satisfied just the portion for girls like me sure can't finish it , please do share it with your bf or friends , sharing is caring right?

"Char Keuy Tiew" it used duck egg instead of normal egg but actually I'm can't find out the differences.Maybe you can? 

Pork leg with vinegar the person in charge was quite shocked that we this younger generation like this kind of food because she taught that this is the food that normally aunty and uncle favourite. I'm like the sour sauce and  I'm just picked the skinny part of meat to eat :)

Soy Sauce Pig intestine noodles
The most authentic and original flavour of noodles, can consider not bad :)

Finally is time for dessert, I'm quite disappointed with this bun for the first sight because I taught will be served a cake for dessert , because I hate bread seriously , but luckily it is warm .

#Coconut bun

# Char Siew Bun

However, there do served local dessert which is cendol and ABC(ice kacang), it is very suitable to eat when the outside whether is freaking hot . 

Cam whore with my girls Sharon :)
She spicy enough isn't ?

 Lammeeya is actually a sister restaurant with Kissaten ,do you feel that their decoration of menu is similar?

Special only at Solaris Dutamas Outlet

  • Fried Marmite Chicken
  • Sweet and Sour Spanish Mackerel
  • Deep fried Salted Egg Squid * Thumb up

Solaris Dutamas Branch Address:
A4-G2-07, Level G2, Solaris Dutamas, No.1, Jalan Dutamas 1, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
6206 3835  
 You also can pay a visit for your nearer housing area because they have four branches:
Paradiagm Mall, DamansaraUptown, One Utama, Empire Shopping Mall.


  1. Hye Audrey. What camera did you use to snap all of this photos? The way you took it make it looks more delicious.

  2. To Apih El Nino
    I'm using Samsung EX2F to take all the picture ya.
    Thanks for your comment ;)

  3. To Mizz Sharon

    Ahh what looking great loh aiyo :)


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