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Monday, June 10, 2013

Bee Won Korean BBQ @ Ampang


Hello, so many dust sticking on my blog, sorry for abundant for my blog almost one week plus. Currently I'm busy with doing part time everyday brings an exhausted body to reach home. Well, as usual today gonna be a korea cuisine food post again. I think everyone know that I love korea BBQ.
KPOP fever LOL.

Meat meat meat ! I'm craving for it now. *five flower meat* in mandarin .
This three layers meat totally kill me, my diet plan failed again because I really cant refuse to eat them >,<. Somehow I think that my diet plan will be delay until me become old lady hahhahaha...

U can see that the oil that comes out from the pork,  sizzzz sizzz sizzzz * BBQ grilled sound
The cylinder shape meat is the pork that squid in the bamboo with a little bit bamboo smell. It taste super good.

Drooling, my saliva dropping everywhere I need a napkin please ..
oO ya I forget to introduce to you guys the environment. The reason that I choose to have dinner in here is because, there privacy enough so you can protect your image and people can't see you greedy face hahaha..Because each of the table there separate with a piece of wood means that your whole dinner place is surrounded by wood with a little door.
I do some research before come :) satisfied face.

 When mention Korea BBQ how can you miss their snack , there are totally  11 side dishes. all is refillable!!! Kimchi kimchi kimchi!

However, there is one thing I'm quite disappointed is their steam egg, it is so rough the texture. I'm more prefer DAORAE one ><

Kimchi jjigae . My favorite soup everytime I go Korea cuisine I will not miss the chance to try it .

OKOK, finally is your turn.
Showtime, the golden colour meat .
You spot that?
I know is oily but I don't care what you say or what you feel. I'm just loving it.
Wrapped it along with lettuce and sesame oil. It's freaking awesome !!

The close up . Hehehee....
Seriously , I'm super hungry now. When I saw those picture it make me even more hungry . CRY T.T

Lastly, I'm highly recommed to those people who like korea cuisine can come and have a try on it.
One more thing, there didn't have service charge and government charge !!! WUHOOOO

Address: B5-1-1 Jalan Ampang, 68000 Ampang, Malaysia
Phone:+60 3-4256 8573


  1. This is the same as the one in Penang Island?


  2. To: Smartan Dad
    I don't think so, because the owner of this restaurant is a pure korean which staying at ampang :)
    Thanks for your comment, have a nice day ahead .


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