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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

✿ Sakura Pink Make Up tutorial ✿

Have you read my previous sneak preview? ๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—

Today I want to do my first ever make up tutorial. The first time I 've tried put on make up is during my kindagarden performance.I'm still remember how terrible it look just like the ''paper doll'' the blush is ''hong pot pot ''on my cheek. I used to be put on the wrong make up and just simply choose the foundation that just want to achieve a fairer skintone and make myself look like a zombie . Lol 
 So, as the age is much more older, I'm learning alot of make up skill from youtube, blog and magazine as well and my make up skill is improving right now.

Well, this post I would like to share with you some outstanding make up as I named it as '' sakura pink make up''
So all the make up tools I will choose pink. Asian are scare to apply pink colour  on the eyelids because it will make the eye even more puffy and swallow . But then if you applied it correctly . It should be no problem . 

I choose to apply the glossy pink light base from beauty buffet that I brought from Bangkok as my foundation . Its texture is very light and shimmering and the rosy pink colour can helps you to balance up your uneven skin tone.
The pinky eyeliner gel from holika holika.  Holika holika is doing sale now up to 70% this eyeliner gel is only  20 ++bucks only . Grab it now !!!!

The eyeshadow I just put on the champaign colour to lighten up my my eyelid . In order to just straight away put on the pink eyeliner before that I draw an inner eyeliner with black colour and used the dark brown eyeshadow to do some layering on my eyelid to bring out more 3D inspiration.
Do apply some shimmering eyeshadow to the eyebag to create the innocent puffy eyes.

I'm not a ppl who pro enough in putting fake eyelashes and yet I'm lazy also, mascara is always my first choice because it is easy and not time consuming .

I'm using holika holika magic pole mascara. The packaging is very adorable right? It my favourite colours purple and pink somemore it is in ombre .
Why do it named as magic pole? You can see that instead of just normally straight or curl brush. It actually modified the brush with a sphere shape infront of the brush. What is the purpose?

It can make you more easily to brush your eyelashes and the pole can help you touch up the hidden area which you normally hard to apply it by using the straight/curl brush. You can directly used it in 90 degree to put on each of your eyelashes.

Can you see the result? My eyelashes is become like a doll. Wink wink

Every angle of your face, the eyelashes is also very nice and curl.

Last but not least, Gradient lip as my last touch up to complete the whole make up I did how to apply gradient lip before , you can visit here :)

To 100% match with the theme ,I'm actually do a little photoshooting .Since now is the flowering season. Thanks to my personal photographer.
Credit to William Foo.

White lace Top -Topshop
Denim A line Skirt- Topshop
Vintage Necklace - Time square

Close up of my make up๐Ÿ’—

Just try this make up and become a blossom fAiry in this summer ✿


  1. Ehh niceeee love the pink liner <3 <3

  2. Omg the pink eyeliner! Holika Holika has some interesting stuff..


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