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Monday, January 20, 2014

Time-Release Aquacell Yoga Visage @ CRES Wellness

Hi, everyone sorry for not update my blog. So this would be my first 2014 post :) 
                          *Please read until the end because I have a gift to you all

I'm cordially invited by the marketing team of CRES to try their Time Release Aquacell Yoga Visage. I'm actually get attracted by the name sounds cool right?

Therefore I'm giving myself a chance to try their treatment . Basically I have no idea for the whole concept of the treatment.

After that, the beauty therapist was so kind explain to me what is Aquacell Yoga Visage.
This treatment mainly for replenishment and oxygenating and give your skin a natural delicate and radiant skin.

As usual, you need to fill up the form about your skin condition if you have an allergy skin please consult to them.

After the consultation time, there a small facial room for me to undergo the 2 hours treatment :)

*All of their products are from CELLNIQUE

I'm taken a before picture for my skin condition . I'm actually have an sensitive and dry skin because my skin ton is fair so my skin will be more light and sensitive to sun .

Dry Skin -干妹妹 T.T

The FIRST step of the treatment is to provide a rich moisture to your baby skin by using a new main ingredients called Biodynes.

Main Products: Visage Oxy Masque, Visage Balancing Aqua, Visage H2o Concentrate
  • Biodynes is a water soluble cell fermented by yeast under UV.
  • It's will deliver 117% increase oxygen respiration to the lower layer of your skin's cell.
  • Acting an internal moisturizers.
  • Plumping up the skin by building up moisture content of the skin cells. 
  • Reduce the sign of aging and effectively soothing damaging skin.

    The SECOND step for the treatments are mainly to retain and balance.Retain and balance is very important to our skin because it will helps our skin to restores the youthful plumpness where fullness have been lost and  helps to retain the moisture of our skin in hydrous reservoir for lasting moisturization while protecting skin from external aggressors.

Method: All new triple-action bio-intelligent hydration system – Aqualance 24, which leaves both inner and superficial skin layers adequately hydrated.

Taadaa!! after a full set of treatment:)
I can feels my skin become very watery and moisture level boost up 100%

So here is the instant outcome :) Me directly snap the picture after the treatment so you may spot some redness on my skin because the beauty therapist help me to remove mt blackhead and whitehead :) But you can see that my skin become so shiny .

After one hour for the treatment, the redness on my skin is slightly disappear
                                                                               Check 1
My pore is become smaller and my skin is smoother .

                                                                          Check 2

Finally, do you want a flawless skin in coming CNY. So here is the chance for your skin to become" sui sui"
 Price 1:
I'm giving out RM100 Treatment Discount Voucher + FREE 2pcs of RM20 Product Voucher.
 *Please comment at CRES Facebook page to get it :) 

Price 2:
Fill up your detail  here.( Full name, contact number, e-mail address, and preferred outlet)
 To stand a chance to get RM99 1st trial Time (normal price RM499)- Release Aquacell Yoga Visage at CRES! Limited for first 50 people!

Here is the sample voucher , faster grab it and give a chance to your skin .

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