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Friday, July 12, 2013

After You @ Siam Paragon

 Last month I had my sweet escape with my bf to Bangkok. I'm so excited after purchased the flying ticket because we brought the flying ticket with the cheap price and yet I want shopping. I think I didn't shop for quite a while almost 3-4 months in KL because I want save my money to Bangkok shop until drop.

Well, I have do quite a lot of researches about what to eat, where to shop and massage .My bf just booked the air ticket and accommodation other than that I planned all == Blaming
Actually, my bf want go to pray at temple but I rejected him and told him so hot and sweat better stay at hotel or shopping mall and I told him I;ve not enough time to shop.

Then today I want to introduced to you all the place you must go when you go Bangkok. Siam Paragon is a shopping mall which included all the luxuries brand and even car what type f brand you 've mentioned you definitely can found at there! You actually can dump your bf to the car show room. I'm sure they will very excited then accompany you shopping mostly all their "dream" car was shown at there.

At the ground floor of the mall, there is the food court and some restaurants. Stop looking down the food court . The food courts at Thailand is totally different with what you see in Malaysia, all their local food is freaking delicious and the big differences between Malaysia and Thailand is their main dishes are made by pork so you can see pork everywhere and it is cheap !!

If you're a dessert lover, you must not miss this post if not I 'm swear you will regret.
After you dessert cafe get a lot of good reputation and review. My bf keep mentioned their dessert when came back to Malaysia.

See? this is the dessert that even guy also love it :)
 After You dessert cafe which have so many branches all round thailand and this is the branch that most convenience and easy to find :) It is located at Siam Paragon.

Let's enjoyed the photos.

So many choices of beverage and dessert ice blended, juices or coffee and frappe.

 So many dessert cookies, brownies, crepe, cheese cake

Spot their strawberries? I have no idea why other countries strawberries are much more bigger than what I usually see at Malaysia? Maybe the moon at foreign countries is rounder?
 When I saw this strawberries the only person who pop out my mind is my bestie,Baoer Tang because she just like strawberries very much :) Me personally think she will ordered this .

All you need to do is just take your order in front of the counter then sit down properly that all, they will served to your place :)

I'm so thirsty that why I have ordered lemonade (ice). It taste better than Malaysia hahahahaahah.

Some hints to you, this is what I need for my dishes? Can you guess what I had ordered?

Tadaa!! Is their signature SHIBUYA HONEY TOAST!!!
This is the toast that I never ate before so crispy and the taste is super matched with honey it is simple ingredients "honey" but how come both can be so matched and the ice cream is smooth and tasted honey flavor. Perfectly Matched 
Rating: 5 stars

Why Malaysis didn't have this kind of dessert :( 
Crying T.T
But nevermind I will come back a few months later, heheheehehhe (Hints: I brought the flying ticket again)

My bf keep giving good comment and praise me got do homework (I'm the food department who incharged where to eat and he in charged the transportation XD )

You see this honey is amazing and adorable !! The honey is immersed inside the pore of the toast and the honey is 100% fully absorbed by the toast there is some butter that baked with the toast when the savory toast meet with sweet honey. Oh..I'm really don't know how to describe it so you must come and try once in your life okay?

 I'm craving for scones also, so I order this.
It is comes along with cream cheese and strawberries jam.

 The scones is crispy outside and soft inside .I like to apply it with strawberries jam , the strawberries jam doesn't taste so synthetic like what we normally purchase at supermarket.

 In a nutshell, so if you need more information just google search After you , you will find your nearby After you branch. Stop here. I'm still have another dessert place want to share with you all just stay tuned for my updated :) 
Enjoyed reading. Bye


  1. i like the fried noodles at siam paragon food court ;)

  2. The thick toast looks inviting, too bad we can't get such thing at KL :(

    1. not in malaysia meh?i rmb eating it in malaysia but I forgot where!!!!!!

  3. Oh my!! The food looks sooo DELICIOUS!!!!

    Enjoyed reading your blog!

    Followed you!~

  4. many ppl going to BKK this few months!!! LOL..I din visit Siam Paragon this time cos I went to Terminal 21!! But I rmb in Siam Paragon a lot of pretty "Thai Girl" (orginal female) ehem passing by! most are student which they dressed up like working adult with hair set and super body tight school uniform!!!!!olalala

  5. looks good, thanks for your recommendation :]

  6. To cindy
    Yala many hot student their uniform so trendy n make up somemore 😍 Im not manage to go terminal 21 lol

  7. Wow Audrey, looks like you had a great time!~ The food looks delicious! *___*

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