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Thursday, July 11, 2013

SPA Party- Posh! Nail Spa- Version 1

First specially thanks to The butterfly Project for the warmly invitation because I've never been went for this kind of party before so I'm getting excited when received the invitation. The party was held at Posh! Nail Spa which located at TTDI.

The dress code for the Spa Party is Bathrobe and slipper which make you very comfortable because we need to come over here to enjoy the spa, manicure& pedicure and massage.

During that day, there is a Blogger Fashion Show that organized by Pink N Prope. I'm lucky enough who have been selected as one of the model to present the new summer collection.
We came earlier to prepare and clothes fitting session. After the runway, we changed back to our bathrobe and start to enjoy our Spa Party!
All of us is wearing our own bathrobe, so coincidence we all are wearing pinky bathrobe, girls being girls.

Before the party start, guess what we do? Cam whore is a must for girls :) The picture is taken by the most famous camera nowadays. It is just like a hotcake in market "Casio tr150" 自拍神器!! When I'm started used it I'm seriously falling in love with it. Screaming ><

Here is the pretty petite Amelie Yap, she is so cute and mini size.I'm look like a giant beside her such an adorable doll face and she is funny as well keep calling people "aunty".LOL

Photo credits to 
Amelie Yap

Chency is joining our camwhore session. Her hair is definitely cool and like a mermaid and  they all are so young I'm the eldest :( But they keep saying I'm doesn't look like that old actually, feeling blessed . Thanks .Imma a happy girl right now.

Photo credits to Amelie Yap

Here are the other models :) We're trying to be sassy and sexy. Electric shot !!!!

I like this elegant red prom dress so much, thanks to the girl beside me who recommend this dress to me for the Runway. I love maxi dress even my height is not that high also can wear it,so what are you waiting for faster visit PinkNProper to grab yourself a signature dress and be the princess ;)

Thanks to someone who giving the purple balloon as a support during the Runway although I'm don't know who you're but I would like sincerely thanks you for the support. Heart it :)

Angelina is the brand Ambassador for PinkNProper .Does she look familiar? She is so elegant and feminine.
The little spicy hot chich Mai Sarah , one word to describe "sexy" I'm love her transparent dress is matched her as well.

The refreshment prepared by Good Friend Cafe, their food is freaking yummylicious , mouth watering especially that time I'm super hungry because I didn't taking any breakfast :(

#Marinated Prawn

# Fried Organic Taufu
I like the sauce so much!!

#Lemongrass beef patty burger 

# Raspberry Macaroon 

#Red Velvet Cupcake 

#Ice Lemon Tea

There are so many present that prepared by all the sponsored . Big thanks to them to make the party more interesting .

Hi I'm on the banner? Spot me?

Fotobox !!! I like this how I wish I owned one at my house, I swear this is a must for a successful party! 

The cutest item for you to take the SWAG photo of the day :) #POTD#FOTOBOX

Manicure! Time for pampering you fingernail people.
They even provide you some of the O.P.I nail polish .

My hand(left) I'm choose to have velvet purple and some blink stuff to present a french style nail.

Photo credits to Amelie Yap
#Right hand side is brought to you by Chency nails 

TT Mask Malaysia booth, the girl is explaining to us which type of mask is suitable for us :) Somemore we can enjoyed the mask at there , I didn't apply my mask at there, but I bring the TT instantaneous Brightening Cooling Mask to home and enjoyed :)

 There are variety type of mask with suitable to all skin type based on what you want the function, please log on to their website for further more infomation
TTMask Malaysia

Babe Chency again. I like her hair !!! and her bathrobe is my favorite Hello Kitty <3 font="">

Pedicure and foot Massage time :)
I'm kinda missing my foot massage at Bangkok but after 5 days I'm able to enjoy it at Posh! Nail Spa
Personally, I like the scrub very much it make me feels like it can exfoliated all the dead skin .

 The stuff is very professional enough and they're digging the dead skin around the toe very detail and seriuos. I'm so paiseh because I'm really didn't take care my toe so much ahahaha.

Girls chatting and chilling non stop :)
Do you spotted that all the decoration is my favorite pink and purple colour .Thanks to the party organizer 

My bathrobe look, all in pink!

Next post is about the Runway and goodie bag stuff .Stay Tuned .Bye


  1. Love your attire, babe! Very elegant <3

  2. To Charmaine Pua

    Thanks babe, I'm love it too :)

  3. congrats on winning the best dress contest and glad that you enjoyed the party :)


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