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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Wendy's Food Testing , KLCC [ SPONSORED]

Hello, thanks to Wendy's Restaurant and Nuffnang for the invitation and sponsored :)
Last Thursday I had been invited to have a food testing session at Wendy's Restauran,KLCC Suria. I think most of you should be very familiar with Wendy's right? because they have a lot of branches in Malaysia.

Basically Wendy's is a fast food restaurant which is started since 1969 and their first shop is located at Columbus,Ohio. Wendy's Restaurant is the third largest company who served fresh Hamburger. It includes more than 6,500 franchises in worldwide.

As you can see that "Quality is our recipe". Instead of served frozen food,Wendy's is different with other which used the fresh raw materials to prepare fresh , made to order hamburgers.
Quality of food is soul for an restaurant to climb up to the successful level and yes Wendy's do that :)

Bloggers are gathered around prepping for the feast

The motto of wendy's is imprinted on its lighting - Real, Fresh Fast

The new rendang beef menu dedicated the month of ramadhan - the meat is surprisingly tender and juicy than expected as it was cooked properly 

This is the chicken rendang for those non-beef eater. The dish is coupled with a spiced potato, papa dom and cucumber. It only cost you RM8.50 for a perfect rendang 

Another close up shot of the dish

Other than trying out the new ramadhan menu. We are generously served with all other dishes from the menu. Wendy's served natural cut potato fries with sea salt that unlike most fries served; tasted genuine and authentic that differs from your typical frozen processed foods

Signature beef burger - the patty is properly grilled much better than your standard fast food store - RM12.85 for a combo with regular sized fries and carbonated drink. If you're not a beef eater and looking for a decent burger, they served spicy chicken, grilled chicken and even shrimp burger as well. 

The newly launched onion ring is absolutely delicious. The batter was not too thick that it would separate itself from the onion. It was fried to perfect golden colour. The onion is shockingly juicy and sweet. A treat you should not miss if you're a snack lovers. RM4.50 is worth every penny paid 

Sorry for playing the onion ring so much but it is just so big in size and me just can't stop posing with it.  I wonder about the actual size of the whole onion ???

Our meals are completed with tongue freezing frosty and float. There's no better way than than finishing a heavy savoury meal with sweets. The frosty costed RM2.50 whereas the float  costed RM3.50...NETT

The chocolate frosty is not overly sweet and i love it!

 This time I have my honour to invite my hubby come along with me to attend this food testing.

 Wendy's Malaysia Branches located at:

  • Sunway Pyramid
  • IOI Mall Puchong
  • Jaya One
  • Mont Kiara
  • Giant Kota Damansara
  • Berjaya Times Square
  • AEON Rawang
  • AEON Ipoh Station 18
  • Suria KLCC

Official website:

Facebook Malaysia:

Contact Info:

Thousands thanks to nuffnang for granting me this opportunity that makes this review possible. 


  1. Instantly fall in love with their fries when I first tried it!! I would always prefer to go for Wendy's over Mcdonalds fries ever since I discovered it haha ^^

  2. I love their onion ring is just so crispy ,you must go try !!! :)


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