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Friday, July 5, 2013

Haze escape to Pulau Perhentian

Hello, if you up to date then you must know that me last week had a little sweet escape to one of the island located at east coast which is Pulau Perhentian. Actually this escape happened in an impromptu way ,we didn't not plan anything then straight away fly already. Recently haze is freaking serious ,thanks to our neighbour for giving us this haze and still said us can't go through hard time together and just know how to share profit. Wtf , you open burning every year we need to forgive you every year >< brainless because of you want to save money using the low cost and the most easier way to gain a large profit and make us suffer. What kind of neighbour ?  Anyway stop blaming and spoiled my mood.

Let's come and see what I'm sharing with you :) This post is going to spam with all beautiful beach photos .
To be honest, I'm the person who hate explore myself under the hot sun but I'm love sea breeze quite DILEMMA ==. Let me share with you how to go there :)

First of all, we took a flight to Kelantan, we stayed at Tune hotel because their mattress is very awesome and known as five star mattress .

Kelantan is a town that have strong influence with Thailand that why you may see so many Thai restaurant. I'm can't stop thinking about thai food since I'm back from Bangkok, so we go find a thai restaurant to fill up my stomach :)
Surprisingly the thai food is very delicious maybe because it is opened by thai people.

Spicy& Sour steamed Squids
-It is freaking awesome especially the soup definitely can turn on your appetite.

As usual thai omelette ,thumbs up !I have no idea why they can make the omelette so yummy .

Tom Yam Kung
-Of cause tom yam is still my number 1 favourite 

After that, we drive all the way to Jetty Kuala Besut and take ferry to go Pulau Perhentian. The whole journey to Pulau Perhentian took around 1 and 45 minutes.

Ticket for ferry is RM35 per person. The ticket is include return trip which means that you can go there and spend how many days you want then just showing this ticket to get back to jetty :) Me personally feels that the price is quite reasonable.

The person at there recommend us to drop down at Long beach , as we have no idea then we ok for it :)
There actually have a lot of restaurant , we just simply choose and sit down and ordered beverage. The price is  little bit over price and this is the price for tourists . Arghhhhh....

We ordered watermelon ice blended and orange juice, it is super over price Lol but we're so thirsty ><

See? I apply an inches of sunblock with super high SPF on my face. Everyone was looking at me especially got two ang mo ! Aiyo people scare mah .....they must thaugh me is a crazy fella 🙀

Too bad I didn't bring my bikini along with me *cry ...sorry loh but I swear I will post my bikini picture ❤

As the gentle waves lap against the shore, the silent echo of the lifeless sea is startling as the day begin, the crystal clear sea was almost as if it sucked out the souls of the nearby creatures. The relaxing atmosphere slowly start to ease my mind.

How amazing when the sea breeze is continuously kissing the shimmering white cushion . rubbing out the footsteps that you created and recover the natural beauty of the soft sand bed.

We rent a sit for Rm10 for us to enjoy sun bath :)

The long scarf that brought at the nearby shoplot cost RM30 ,it is a super long scarf I ever seen and is leopard print .

Naked face appear with sunscreen >< is okay since there no any asian :)

Enjoying the sunbath, the bright sun is just warm enough to cover  you in an invisible  blanket of warmth . The delightful sound of waves crashing against the rocks and shore was awesome .

This is so called "beach taxi"  Rm2 per person . This is a must because of the bigger boat can't directly catch up you so you can't skip this or maybe if you have a strong stamina to swim over there ;p

Oh yeah !! I love sea XD

When you walk along the warm tiny particle sand and immerse your bare foot into the soft sand  that is cool enough and the sand is soft until you can't stand properly . You can breath in the crispy air that beach delivered.

It looks like me at the swimming pool right? The water is so clear and clean and it can see through you foot , the shimmering water is sparkling like a diamond.

Ombre blue sea ,I'm miss it so much , the smell of salt water and the pearl white sand ><Say "cheese" Bye bye !


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