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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Artsphere @The atmosphere, seri kembangan


Basically you all already can see I've uploaded a picture regarding me and the awesome Mural Arts :)

So here is the post that going to spam by all amazing 3D Mural Arts :) Planning where to go with your friends this weekend you should not missed this chance , please come over here to take a wonderful adventure with all Mural arts.

Quickly set your waze , just key in " The atmosphere" makesure the location is behind Qiant by using the LDP you should able to come over here :)

 The official launching of The atmosphere. Their opening launching is very artistic also by using the colour sand.

Their founder is a lady , Haze who put so many effort to expand the Mural Arts.
艺术🎨 万岁
When I'm a child I like drawing very much until I'm still passionate in drawing planning to learn oil painting .

Any recommend studio in Penang?

There are some opening performance :)

I'm very impress with those artists effort, they spend so many time to draw a 3D effect Mural art. We should give them a big clap.

You may pay a visit to their official website to know more their artist profile

               I'm a piano expert ✨

 Goodbye I'm going to start my rainbow journey 💗

Every decision u make in your life just like the different step you choose . It's will leads you to the other stage of life 💐
We're adorable dolls who control by an evil hands 😈👿

I'm a firewoman

This picture is very funny instead Amelie expression is very epic. She always will make me laugh non stop such a cheerful friend.

This scooter is very vintage . Yeah rock and roll.

 Having a good nap time Zzzzzzzzz
The colour is very contrast and mysterical I bare me can dreaming so long if I'm staying in this bedroom.

Don't lost your innocence and hope💗 there are always a beautiful path at other junction✨

Alice in the wonderland💗

Actually I want to pretend I'm seat on the rocket but Amelie said I can't snap a 3D picture for you !!!!!

           Yours truly, Amelie, Jess

                                       æˆ‘这种算不算是 见死不救叻!! hahahaha XD

Our memorable childhood board game 💗

Amelie : I'm prettier compared to the mermaid 👀👀👀
High tea session in Alice jn the wonderland.
Walking through lilac platform 💗 this is very 3D 

End up my post with this fantastic picture credit by Amelie 💗

Watch a video here 

Please pay a visit :)

The Atmosphere (Behind Qiant)
1-3, Jalan Prima Tropika Barat 2, 
Taman Prima Tropika,
43300 Seri Kembangan, 
GPS Coordinate: N 2° 58.952' E 101° 39.767'
Waze: "The Atmosphere" Follow LDP 

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