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Sunday, December 8, 2013

My Daily Skincare Routine- 100% Pure

My daily skincare is more towards basic which including cleanser, toner and moisturizer. Sometime I will put some serum and eye treatments.

Have you heard about 100% Pure before? If no, please give a minute to read this.

All products from 100 % Pure is truly organic made and toxic free, it never made with chemicals,artificial fragrances, paraben  and chemical preservatives and high concentration of antioxidants.
It's sounds great and safe right? 

For those who have allergic and sensitive skin like me, you must becareful whenever you choosing your skincare product.

Today I want to introduce to you all my basic skincare routine from 100%Pure.

 Brightening Gift Sets including the items below:

I've give a try for their brightening collection. It is specially formulated for those who has uneven skin tone, dull looking complexion to make it more radiant and vibrant, healthy and natural glowing skin. This 100% Pure formula gets its brightening effect from all natural, gentle ingredients like bearberry, kojic acid, sake, fruit acids, licorice, vitamin c, lemon juice and strawberries.

Duration :One month

I've tried this product for almost one month. I found that the brightening effect is good as my skin become more radiant . I've replaced my normal moisturizer with the brightening Night Balm.
My swollen & puffy eye have been reduced. I like the eye cream very much because the texture is very mild as it smells good too :)

Skin Brightening Cleanser

This skin brightening facial cleanser washes away makeup (including eye makeup) and other impurities while aloe juice and rose hydrosol hydrates and soothes. 

Brightening Tonique

This organic rose hydrosol and aloe juice based, antioxidant packed toner is an instant drink of water for your skin.

Brightening Night Balm

This super nourishing balm deeply replenishes your skin and brightens your complexion while you sleep.It is not too oily and do not cause any break out and the strong lemon aroma is so refreshing.

Brightening Scrub & Mask

This one product has 2 functions. It is a highly nourishing facial mask to rejuvenate your skin and the perfectly round jojoba beads act as a gentle exfoliant to buff away dullness, bumps and dead skin cells.

Special Treatment 

Eyes: Organic Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye cream

 This is one of their signature product. It has amazing effects with the caffeine extract inside can reduce puffiness, dark circle

Skin: Mint White tea Moisturizer

Light and mild texture, non greasy feel(without clogging pores) and the cooling effect from mint natural products are so refreshing and boost up your moisture level immediately. Suitable for combination skin 


Facial  Cleansing Brush

Frankly, I like to use this facial cleansing brush to clean my face instead of using my bare hand. As you know our hand contains a billion of bacteria. Somehow this facial cleansing brush can clean your face more detail than your hand. Surprisingly the texture of brush is very soft and do not hurt my sensitive skin.

Follow my steps :)

Bubble formed can clean up all the impurities more easily with the small particle it can penetrate your pore more deeply :) 

Applying the cleanser all over the face gently.

Clean your face with brush in clockwise direction.

Wash your face in warm water.

Light Makeup




  1. wahhhh ur lemon looks very cute !! hahaah

  2. looks very good but overbudgettt!

    1. Hi,
      You can purchase one items as a trial first, I highly recommend the eyecream and the night balm :)


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