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Friday, November 29, 2013

Ben's @ Bangsar Shopping Centre

Finally I can sit down properly in front of my computer and blogging due to this
hectic working week.

Last weekend, I’m cordially invited from The big group to have a food review session with my friends. In case you all don’t know what is the big group. It is actually the company who own a few restaurants such as Plan b, Ben’s , Hit &Mrs...

More Detail

Ben’s serves on a modern interpretation of East meets West .You can enjoy your relaxed weekend brunch, coffee or birthday celebration. Ben’s is definitely your first choice to building relationship have a wonderful bonding session with your beloved family, friends through food in a cosy and welcoming environment.

Ben’s believe in building relationship through food “ To Eat is to Love”. You can easily go through their menu here

Menu of the day :

Chunky Mushroom soup - MYR 15

Burnt Butter wild mushroom salad –MYR 24

Deconstructed Thai Beef salad -MYR 27

Mexicana Tortilla- MYR 24

Golden soft-shell crab spaghettini -MYR 24

Ben's nasi istimewa–MYR 40

Teriyaki salmon with sesame seed crust

Steak frites–MYR 53

Sticky Date Pudding - MYR 14

Banoffee Sundae- MYR 13

Macadamia Caramel Cheesecake - MYR 15

Lychee lime –MYR 9.90

Burnt Butter wild mushroom salad (Roquefort cheese, caramelised walnut, coriander, truffle oil and lemon juice) –MYR 24

Normally I will not order salad as my appetizer but this salad did impress me especially the coriander& button mushroom is mixed well with the freshness lemon juice as dressing  which tickling my tastebuds.

As normal, I’m a soup and fungi lover so mushroom soup usually will be my starter for western cuisine. When I’m a child, I will always craving for PizzaHut mushroom soup instead of their pizza. When I growth up, mushroom soup still my favourite among all the western soups.

Chunky Mushroom soup (with truffle oil and garlic toast)- MYR 15

The pungent smell of all wild mushrooms just penetrates the air around. Highly recommend for those who like fungi.

Crab and Ebiko Salad- MYR 25

This is very light and fresh with the apple dressing.

Deconstructed Thai Beef salad (shredded green mango)- MYR 27

Talking about Thai salad” som tam”. I think most of the girl will like it because spicy and sour. But this is slightly different with what I ate at Bangkok because it includes Beef .

Golden soft-shell crab spaghettini (curry leave and chilli padi)- MYR 24

I’m carving for spaghetti with creamy sauce. Instead going the normal version

Carbonara. Since the pr strongly advises us to take those chefs recommend. So I’ve ordered the Golden soft shell crab spaghettini.  The taste is like our Chinese cusine” Butter Cream”. But it is too oily for me but the taste is good. Just for the petite like me please make sure you share with someone. 

Babe Sharon beverage . Ops I've forget the name =='' bad memory

 Mexicana Tortilla (grilled chicken, bean stew, avocado, jalapeno and nacho’s)- MYR 24

 Inside the wrap is full of fantastic ingredients. The grilled chicken is not too dry and juicy enough . Nacho is my favourite snack rather than potato chips. Personally I’m feels like nacho is healthier than potato chips. 

Steak frites (char- grilled striploin with black pepper sauce, French fries and green bean) –MYR 53

The steak is normal for me because we ordered medium rare. Unfortunately the beef is overcooked become medium. Even though the meat is slightly overcooked. But the sauce and the texture is still in nice condition and very chewy.

Ben's nasi istimewa ( short rib rending, chicken berempah & sambal udang) –MYR 40

A huge portion for meat & seafood lover you can try all Malaysia traditional cusine in one time. Nasi lemak, rendang and sambal. It is quite spicy for me but the drumstick is very crunchy J the coconut milk flavour is very strong.

Teriyaki salmon with sesame seed crust( with steamed rice and salad)

My babe Carmen ordered a teriyaki salmon but she is so cute and make a request for can eliminate the steamed rice just give the salmon. But end up we don’t want make the waitress confuse so just order it without any changers.

Lychee lime –MYR 9.90

Lychee is always plays a good role with lime. It is one of the coolers. After eating so much, cooler will be a good choice to clear all the oiliness & greasiness.

Macadamia Caramel Cheesecake (caramel & macadamia brittle)- MYR 15

This cheesecake is not my cup of tea because it is not creamy enough. For those who doesn’t like the cheesy and creamy texture, you may give at try on it. Somemore the caramel sauce is strong so eventually the cheese flavour is decresed.

Banoffee Sundae( fresh banana, short bread ,ice cream & walnuts)- MYR 13

This sundae makes me think about Swenzen at Bangkok. The most classic sundae is working very well in Thailand. Personally I’m thinking this is romantic if you share your sweetness time with your love one.
                                                        *Sweetness Overload *

Sticky Date Pudding (caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream)- MYR 14

I like this one the most among this three desserts.The caramel sauce is matched well with the sticky date pudding. The cold vanilla ice cream cross over with the warm pudding . It is perfect match! Trust me ....please try it.

Enjoy your weekend :)

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